"Estimating the cost of a renovation can seem daunting, but today I'm sharing my Home Renovation Costs to help."

Are you thinking of tackling a home renovation but unsure of what things may cost? Well, I'm here to help! I am sharing a breakdown of all of the expenses for my renovation, in hopes that you can get a little inside look into what a renovation may cost.

Full disclosure, I do have expensive taste, so some of these numbers may seem a little inflated, but I still think you can get a good feel for what prices are looking like!

Now, luckily because I am an influencer, I often have things gifted to me , but no worries, I will be sharing the full cost of everything and whatever was gifted, I will mark with (gifted) or (discounted) for full transparency.

Now enough talk, let's get to the money!

House Total $49,869
Shop/Office Total $55,000

Total Home Reno Cost


General Home Renovation Costs

10' Dumpster x 3 ($425 per dumpster)  $1,275
20' Dumpster x 2 ($525 per dumpster) $1,050
Downstairs Carpet (Two Bedrooms) $3,339
Toilet Seats $65
Leviton GFCI USB Outlets x 20 (gifted) $700
Leviton Motion Sensor x 5 (gifted) $250
Leviton Decora Smart Switch x 10 (gifted) $450 
Engineered Hardwood-1350 sq.ft (discounted) $10,882
TOTAL: $17,586

The Shop/ Office

Epoxy Garage Floors $3,874 
HVAC $11,850
Electrical (for HVAC) $650
Shop Framing (Lumber) $10,300
Shop Framing (Labor) $6,500
Paint (Miscellaneous)  $256
Electrical Work (2nd Story) $3,400
Vinyl Flooring - 1500 sq. ft (gifted) $9670
Drywall (Materials) $2,500
Drywall (Labor) $4,000
Paint $2,000
TOTAL: $55,000

House Garage

 Epoxy Floor (2.59 per sq.ft) $1,250
TOTAL: $1,250

Master Bedroom

Skim Coating Materiels  $175
Interior Door $250
Vents $255
Sliding Barn Door $1,746
Curtains/Rods $295
Paint $351
Ceiling Fan $820

Cabinet Lumber

Mirror Wall Lumber/Supplies $562
Mirrors $425
TOTAL: $6,413

Guest Bathroom

Interior Doors  $520
Vanity Lumber $888
Bathroom Drain $160
Bathroom Showered Kit $528
Bathroom Lights $1,352
Toilet $1,385
Floor, Backsplash and Shower Tile (gifted) $3218

RedGard & Concrete

Plumbing/Tile Contractor/Shower Materials $5500
Shower Glass/Install $1682
TOTAL: $15,319


Lighting  $2,184
TOTAL: $2,184

Laundry Room

Interior Door $250
TOTAL: $250

Living Room

 Ceiling Fan $1,000


 Salt cell, Pump, Filter,Sand, Replumb $5200

Guest Bedroom

 Ceiling Fan $467
Trim $200
TOTAL: $667

June 16, 2022 — Ashley Basnight