Install a Vanity Mirror Frame

June 17, 2019 0 Comments

Install a Vanity Mirror Frame

"Vanity Mirror Frames never looked so easy"

Hey Guys, Kelly here with CityGirlMeetsFarmboy, and I am so excited to be a guest posting this month on the Handmade Haven Blog with Ashley Basnight. Her creative talent is showcased so well in this space and I love learning from her!

Have you ever looked at your plain vanity mirror and wished it was a little more dressed up? But lack the skill set or tool set to get it done on your own? Well today I am here to share some good news with you.

Vanity Mirror Frame

Recently I was scrolling Instagram and saw a pre-made mirror frame that is customizable to your exact size mirror and could be installed with zero tools. No cutting, staining, or sanding. I was like, what!? I have got to try this! It was called MirrorMate Frames and I looked at their website that very night. 

Quickly I realized it was easier than I thought to install. After watching a few videos, I was sold. First, let's take a look at how my mirror looked before my tranformation.

Vanity Mirror frame

Now, let me show you how simple it would be for you to make the same transformation.

Step One – Order MirrorMate Frames 

The MirrorMate website is really easy to navigate, just click on the menu button and familiarize yourself with the How It Works tab. The Let’s Measure tab will walk you through the process of getting great measurements. They have a video to watch and a worksheet to print out and use as you measure. 

Step Two – Prepare Your Space 

Once your package arrives, make sure to double check the contents. Set it all out and get ready for assembly. Additionally, wash your mirror and let it dry.

Vanity Mirror Frame

Step Three – Assembly 

The directions are super easy to follow. You will assemble the entire mirror before install. Separate the white braces with a top from the braces without a top.

Vanity Mirror Frame1. Place the mirror pieces backwards onto a flat area. Make sure to add a firm flat surface under each corner (to keep glue from dripping onto the ground).

Vanity Mirror Frame

2. Use a marker with a similar shade to your frame to color in the raw edges of the frame where they meet.

Vanity Mirror Frame3. Start with one corner and add glue to the raw insides. Then press in the white brace with a top into upper corner slot. Use a hammer if you need help.

Vanity Mirror Frame

4. Move to each corner and repeat step 3.

5. Then add the white braces without the top into the second hole in each corner.

Your frame is now ready to be installed! 

Step Four – Install Your Frame 

Grab a helper (and a level) to lift and install your frame. The package comes with cardboard corners - assemble these. Have one person lift the frame and place it where you want it. Make sure it is level. Have the other person place the left and right corners into the corners of the frame – this will help guide your install.

Vanity Mirror Frame

Remove the frame and set it down. Gently peel off all the sticker backings. Now you will place the frame back into place – using the cardboard corners as your guide. Press firmly into place.

Vanity Mirror Frame 

That is it! Your frame is done!! Wasn’t that the easiest DIY project?

Vanity Mirror Frame

Make sure to check out MirrorMate Frames to snag one of these amazing products!

Vanity Mirror Frame

Thanks for reading guys!