Pallet Sectional

October 13, 2016 0 Comments

Pallet Sectional

After buying my house a year ago..Slowly but surely everything in my house was coming together! But as the inside was being beautified the outside felt like an old abandoned desert.


I did manage to get a chair out there and a grill, buuuuuuut this was just pitiful!!!

Originally I thought, “maybe I can just buy a patio set,” (what fun is that) so I looked around for a bit, but nothing was catching my eye.

I decided to look on Etsy for something and ran across my inspiration!!


I saw this pallet sectional and FELL IN LOVE!! I immediately knew this was what I wanted. I didn’t exactly know how and never had really worked with wood prior to this project but I was determined to figure it out!!!

I am a firm believer in asking questions! So I messaged the seller and asked how he made his and he was SOOOO generous to give me tips!!!


First Step : Pallets

Its obvious the pallets are a huge part of this project. Because I love a deal I wanted to try and find my pallets for a reasonable price. Free.99!! That’s right! All the pallets I collected were free!!!!!


That’s my “I got these pallets for free” face BTW!!!!

I went around to flooring stores (Floor Trader, etc.) and most of them had piles of pallets in the back that were free for the taking. Sometimes you just gotta ask!!!!

It took me about two weeks to gather all the pallets I needed! (Thanks to my friends from church who found some really good ones for me!! Thanks Matt and Alexis:))

If you don’t want to run around like a chicken with your head cut off (which made the experience fun for me) You can always find pallets being sold on craigslist, Facebook marketplace or any local shop selling pallets.

Once I had all my pallets, it was time to figure out the layout I wanted!


Originally I wanted to make a back to the pallet sectional, but learned quickly this was a lot more work than I could handle at the time…so I just settled for the bottom half!! I decided I wanted sort of a step-up feel…so I put smaller sized pallets on the larger ones to make it look like a step-up seat.

After figuring out my layout…I started covering the pallets with reclaimed wood.


Fortunately I knew a friend who sold reclaimed wood that was already sealed for a good I opted to pay for that to make sure my pallet sectional came out nice!! IT was about $75 worth to do the whole project. If you don’t want to pay for reclaimed wood you can always find more pallets and just take them apart!!

I used the ol’ hammer and nails for this project! (This was before my DIY days) This project would have gone a lot more smoothly with a nail gun haha but it was a nice way to get the neighbors out Once the wood was in place I just hammered her down and that was that!!! For the pieces that were too long, I used a hand saw to cut them down to size ! (Yea I know) lol a power saw would have been nice!


I covered all the pallets…and I was done with the wood part!!!!

I got the cushions and pillows from walmart…..and the decorative pillows and rug from at home!!


After putting the cushions on and the décor pillows…my old deserted patio was TRANSFORMED!!!!!

Later down the road I decided it would probably be a good idea to put a clear protective coat on.

Thompson’s WaterSeal Waterproofer Plus Clear Wood Protector


This really brought out the reclaimed wood and gave it a great Finish!!


Now you give it a try!