Tool Cart

After starting my DIY journey it wasn't long before I needed to do some serious organization in my garage. So I created this tool cart to help me organize some of my tools.

Lets see it in my garage! Fits perfectly in my little corner over there. My garage does not look this clean anymore BTW, but the cart helps :)


Materials List:

4 Peg Boards - 24"x48"

(2) 2x2s @ 8ft

(4) 1x2s @ 8ft

Wood Screws

4 Casters


Step 1:

Add 2x2 braces to 2 of the peg boards using wood screws.

Step 2:

Add other two peg boards using wood screws. Peg boards should be flush to the end of the sides of the peg board

Step 3:

Add bottom braces for attaching casters using screws. Screw into 2x2s.

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Step 4:

Add 1x2 side pieces to the tool cart on two sides only


Step 5:

Add the rest of the 1x2  pieces to the top.

Once I finished building my tool cart, I primed it with white paint and then Spray painted it with Krylon Metallic Silver Paint to give it a sheek look.

Lowes had this nice 43 piece set Pegboard Kit for $11....a good starter pack for my tool cart.

and here it is again!



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