" This was a move to remember."

Most of you all know by now about my new house, but today I wanted to chat about the process of how I got there; my move! I had the opportunity to partner with PODS and had such a great experience that I had to share all of the details! So let's get into it!

"This post is sponsored by PODS"

If this is your first time hearing about PODS, I'm happy to introduce you to them. PODS is a service that provides different sized portable containers to move or store your belongings.

Selecting My Container Size

The first thing I did was select how many containers I needed. My old house was a little over 1400 sq. ft, but I had a lot of extra items and tools. I had an idea of which container I may need, but was a little unsure. Luckily, PODS has a handy moving and storage calculator on their site that helps you determine just how much space you need.

Once I filled out the calculator, it suggested both a 16-foot container and a 7-foot container, and that was just enough room for all of my belongings. 

Loading the PODS Containers

It was really cool to see how the PODS containers are delivered. They have this cool machine that places them right in your driveway. The one thing I love most is that you don't have to worry about hauling your things, you just load your containers up and PODS handles the rest.

PODS containerI also loved that I could load the container as I go. I would load a little bit at a time without feeling rushed. If you've moved before, you know it can be a pain, so getting to take my time was invaluable! 

PODs containers

At first, I was unsure if all of my belongings would fit, but the moving and storage calculator was spot on because it all fit perfectly! The containers have these hooks all throughout the container so that really helped with being able to tie things down.

Packing PODS containers


  • Try your best to load all the way to the top from back to front to prevent shifting while the container is being moved.
  • Use rope to tie down your items every so often to eliminate movement.
  • Take your time with your loading, it doesn't have to feel like a chore and PODS makes that easy.
  • Don't place super heavy items by the door, just in case of any movement.

The In Between

Once PODS picked up my containers, they took it off to their PODS Storage Center while I was in between homes. This was such a relief to not have to worry about my belongings while I was staying in a hotel. Things with my house were up in the air and the dates that were set for me to move in ended up changing. Originally, I had planned for my containers to be delivered one week, but the plan got pushed out two whole weeks.

I was able to let PODS know about the change and they gladly changed the date for me. That is one of the perks with working with PODS, they are super flexible and willing to work with you on your moving dates. So don't stress!! They've got you covered.

Unloading the PODS Containers

When I first received my PODS container, some of my belongings had shifted and I couldn't get the door open, so I reached out to my local PODS location and they were able to send someone out within 3 hours and get the door open for me. I was really impressed with the customer service. Normally when you have an issue, it takes a while to get it fixed, but they were on top of things. This really made me feel good about partnering with them!

PODS Container

One of my main concerns with getting my PODS container back was seeing if all of my belongings were in the same condition as I had left them, and they were! This had a lot to do with how I loaded the PODS container. I made sure to fill all of the spaces, and that helped tremendously with keeping all of my things secure during transit.

PODS containers

Once I unloaded everything, PODS came back to pick up the PODS containers and my move was finished! I had such a pleasant experience with PODS and they helped my move go that much more smoothly! Now I'm off to enjoy my new crib! 

December 21, 2020 — Ashley Basnight