Feeling consumed or overwhelmed by social media? Check out these social media boundaries I've put in place to prevent social media burnout.

After blogging for 7 years now; I've had quite a few moments of social media burnout and realized that if I want to pursue life as an influencer for the long haul, I would need to put some boundaries in place to live a healthy lifestyle. Check out some of the ways I create boundaries to help with a healthier lifestyle.

Disabling Notifications

So many apps and so many notifications. This has been hands down the best boundary I have implemented for myself; turning off all notifications for social media. I realized that I spend way too much time on social media, and notifications was just one way to get me back on the platform when I tried to take time off. So no more notifications!
This really allows me to stay away from social media and only get on when I feel like I need or want to. I would highly consider trying this out and seeing if it's as effective for you as it is for me! 

Social Media Boundaries

Real Life Connection

Nurturing an online community can often feel like an amazing thing; but don't let that replace real life connections. Face-to-Face interactions are much needed. I try to check myself often on whether or not I'm letting my social media life overtake my real life connections.

It's also a great way to unplug and step away from social media. Call a friend or go on a walk with one and just catch up. A good mix of the two will ensure a healthier you.

Treating Your Social Media Like Your Home

WIth your social media being an extension of you; I would encourage you to look at it as an extension of your home. I have set rules for my home, and I try to enforce those rules online. If someone came into my house being rude and saying rude things; I would likely ask them to leave. Social media is no different. Rude people = blocked. I try not to let things just go on my social media because I want to protect myself and take the appropriate corrective measures as needed.
Also, if there are specific things that you would never be comfortable doing IRL, don't allow people to force you into doing those things online. Whether that be sharing details of your life or sharing your beliefs. Do what YOU feel comfortable with.

Take Ownership of Your Feed

Social media has definitely created an environment of comparison. If there is an account that I don't like, or doesn't serve me, I simply unfollow and keep it moving. 

Back in my early days, there was this one account that I always saw; and every time it would share a win; I would compare myself and ask; Man, what am I doing wrong? Finally, I realized that it was unhealthy and decided to just unfollow. It was the best decision I made. I've had several influencers approach me about certain accounts that bother them; and I always tell them; just unfollow them. It sounds so simple, but some people have a hard time doing so.

If unfollowing seems too hard; just try muting that account for a while. I promise you it's the best medicine for a comparison mindset. For those who struggle with this, I would encourage you to utilize the three-strikes-your-out-rule; if you find your self comparing or feeling negatively about yourself because of a particular account; after recognizing that three times; just let it go.

The quality of your social media experience is directly correlated to what you allow in your space. 

On that same topic, we also have to be mindful of how we ourselves communicate online. Often times our words on social media can tend to come across as blunt. Psychologically, written words always have more of an impact. So be mindful of how you're responding and try to ask yourself, "How will this come across," before posting. You don't want to be on someone else's blocked list.

Social Media Boundaries

Rules on Free Coaching in the DMs

As I grow in number, the number of people seeking help increases and a lot of people ask for help in my DMs, which I think is great! But unfortunately, there just isn't enough time in the day to provide free coaching for everyone, so my rule is, If I can answer their question within one sentence, I will quickly respond; but if not, I point them to a resource!
But then what does that mean!? It means you have to have a resource. Now here's the good part; this boundary helps both you and the reader because now it takes the pressure off of you to have to respond fully in a DM and it helps the reader because instead of getting a short response, they are pointed to a well thought out resource!
If you're ever having trouble trying to decide what resources and information to share, your DMs is a great way to figure that out. For example, when I start getting a bunch of DMs about "How do I gain sponsorships?" That lets me know that there's a need, so I in turn create an ebook "How to Pitch to Brands." Now when people ask for it, it's readily available.

Daily Engagement, Follow for Follow & other “Growth Strategies” 

Daily Posting? Throw it in the trash. I stay away from strategies like daily posting; follow for follow and any other growth strategies that promote unhealthy habits. Trying to post every single day just isn't a sustainable strategy and trying to keep up with it doesn't promote a healthy business lifestyle.
For me, I try to stay clear of any strategy that isn't an authentic or organic way to grow an account. I would reconsider any strategies you're implementing that are "quick ways" to grow your account.  You can still have a healthy and thriving social media presence without those things. Think Quality over Quantity. Consistency is what's most important; if you have that, you'll be just fine!

Give Yourself Permission to Just Unplug

Spending too much time on social media is just not healthy for your mental. If you aren't taking time to just step away from it; consider carving out some time to just step away from social media. Don't let it become an idol in your life.

As a person who relies heavily on social media to make a living, I get that it can be scary to step away sometimes; but it's needed. 

Establish an appropriate amount of time that works for you. Whether that be phone-free Sundays, or only posting certain days; whatever it may be; actually write down a boundary; and stick to it! Your body will thank you for it!


Disregard The Follower Count

I always shout this to the mountaintop and this is a hill I am willing to die on! I do not focus on the follower count; and this has allowed me to stay away from unhealthy strategies that aren't always good for my health and business long term. It also has allowed me to learn how to become profitable without having a huge following.

In my Making Money Online book, I share how I was able to secure my first 5-figure brand deal as a new influencer. Number of followers doesn't always mean profitable and it isn't indicative of your value as an influencer. Don't let it hinder your mindset!

January 05, 2024 — Ashley Basnight