September has been a lot of fun here at the Basnight household! Exciting things are happening and I was able to show you guys some even more exciting items. Now, I know you all are here for the links so let's dive into it.
One of the projects I was able to tackle was my bedroom! I have been in my new home for approximately eight months and my bedroom has been completely abandoned, so I had to show it a least a little bit of love. The nightstands and lamps really brought it to life.
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Although I wasn't able to completely finishing designing my bedroom, it came a long way from where it was, so for now, I am super happy with how it turned out!
bedroom design
That quilt though; I'll say its the highlight of the room, or the rug; haha you choose! The bedroom was the first of many little projects this month!
This month I shared a little behind the scenes into my filming setup, and you guys seemed to enjoy it so, I am sharing all of the links for my filming equipment I used this month!
Filming equipment
I was also able to tackle a fun DIY project by creating this fun DIY headboard for this dorm room. I was able to use this terrazzo contact paper and the room featured this amazing green quilt!
Another fun project I tackled this month was my bathroom refresh. I wanted to bring a more moody feel to it, to match the guest bedroom and I absolutely love how it turned out!
Guest bathroom makeover
One of the downsides of this month was an unfortunate event I had. A piece of cardboard caught on fire, but luckily I had a great coworker who gave me these awesome EZ FireSpray's in a can. I sprayed the fire and it went out immediately. I would highly recommend these for anyone who has a home or rents. Total Lifesaver.
EZ Firespray
The pantry has been in full effect and I am so ready to really start tackling it. I shared my design ideas with you guys but haven't done much work on it. Blame the thousand other projects I have going on!
Last but not least was the start of my in-home craft studio, if you've been following along in stories, you know that I have decided to turn my upstairs media room and extra bedroom into my new workspace. Now that I have started working full time, I just need some extra space to get work done. So I started getting a lot of items that I need to finish this space in style.
The highlight of that space is this cabinet unit that I found. It's going to be storing all of my craft supplies and it was much needed.
Welp, that wraps up all of the September links! a lot happened this month and theirs much more to come. As always, thanks for reading guys! XOXO Ashley
September 24, 2021 — Ashley Basnight