Father's Day Tool Guide

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Father's Day Tool Guide

This review is sponsored by the Home Depot as a part of The Home Depot's Pro-Spective Campaign. 

With Father's day nearing, it was only right that I provided a tool guide on the must-have tools to buy for this up and coming Father's Day.

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Husky 1/4" Drive Gimbal and Universal Socket Set

This socket set provides multi-directional rotation for easy access in hard to reach areas. It pivots on 2 planes giving you access where ratchet's and wrenches cannot. This is the perfect Father's day gift for dads who work in those hard to reach areas.

Retails for $29.97


Husky 15in. Tool Bag

This handy dandy tool bag will be a great additive to your dad's shop! This baby hold 30lbs in weight and lots of pockets for all your household tools. At the Home Depot Pro-Spective Tool Event I visited in Atlanta, I got to see how they test their Husky products, specifically their bags! And let's just say this thing will last you a few years.  

Retails for $14.97


Milwaukee 25 ft. Premium Magnetic Tape Measure

So I know what you're thinking. There are tons of tape measures out there..so what makes this one special? Well..this tape measure is for sure heavy duty. It features double sided printing with blue print scale for easy reading and transferring of measurements and also has a finger stop feature built in that protects your finger when the blade retracts.  These are features you won't find on just any old tape measure. Make sure your Dad is blessed with the best and get him one today.

Retails for $19.98

 3M SecureFit 400 Black/Neon Green with Clear Anti-Fog Lenses Safety Glasses

We have to make sure our Dad's are playing it safe with all the work they do, so they definitely need these 3M safety glasses. The Anti-Fog feature is my favorite part, it's hard to even tell I have the glasses on after I've had them on for a while. When I started wearing these I could definitely tell a huge difference from the safety glasses I used to wear. You cant go wrong with these!

Retails for $9.97

3M Pro-Grade Earmuff

It's only right to couple those 3M safety glasses with these 3M Pro-Grade Ear Muffs. Lets not take our Dad's hearing for granted. These safety earmuffs offer both superior comfort and protection. Show your Dad you care by keeping him safe!

Retails for $24.95 



Milwaukee ONE-KEY TICK Tool and Equipment Tracker

I first saw this product at The Home Depot Pro-Spective Event and thought it was super neat. This is perfect for Dads who have on-site jobs or like to keep track of where their tools are. It allows you to track any item it's attached to through your phone and is durable enough for any weather environment. Make it easier on your old man and help him make sure his tools are accounted for.

Retails for $29.97  Or purchase a 4-Pack for $99.

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Husky 22 in. Connect Rolling System Tool Box

What's better than 3 features in one? This Husky rolling tool box serves as a rolling cart, toolbox and small parts organizer. The rolling cart base has tons of room for hauling power tools. The rolling cart features 7 in. rolling wheels and a strong telescoping handle. The mid tool box is 22 in. W and features a flat lid surface that can double as a work surface. The top pro organizer features 12 removable bins that can hold anything from screws, to nails, etc. Make sure your dad is in season with this cool Husky Rolling System Tool Box.

Retails for $79.97


Milwaukee 100 ft. Closed Reel Long Tape Measure

Make sure your Dad can measure for days with this Milwaukee 100ft. long tape! This tape measure has a heavy duty frame and a grime guard that prevents dirt, dust and debris from entering in and causing jams.

Retails for $19.97



Bosch 100 ft. Laser Measure

This tool is sure to put a smile on your dad's face. This baby measures distance, length and volume of an area with one click of a button. When measuring a room, you hold it up to a wall, press a button and it will calculate the distance. How cool is that?

Retails for $59.97. 


3M N95 Sanding and Fiberglass Valved Respirator

Let's not forget to protect our Big man's lungs with this 3M N95 Sanding and Fiberglass Valved Respirator. This mask has a cool flow valve for heat reduction and easier breathing and will complete Dad's safety gear.

5-pack retails for $14.52


and what's a Father's Day tool guide without a giveaway. Enter to win a cool tool package with 4 items from this tool guide to surprise your dad or special male figure in your life.  

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and Happy Early Fathers Day!

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