"Bosch has got the right tools to get your wall hangings in order."  

Hanging pictures has always been that one thing that has been a pain for me. I love hanging new photos up in my house but the process of getting them hung is always a pain.
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200 ft. Self Leveling 3 Plane Cross Line Laser Level
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I myself am an eye baller, which is not good for hanging photos, but luckily I got some help this time. I am using my Bosch 200 ft. Self Leveling 3 Plane Cross Line Laser and the BLAZE 65ft. Laser Distance Measurer.

Step 1: Measure The Distance of the Wall

Because I want my picture frame to hang in the middle of the wall, the first thing I'll do is measure the distance of the wall from right to left.  I used my BLAZE 65 ft/ laser distance measurer to measure the wall.

Bosch Laser MeasureThis Laser measure measures where a tape measure can't. This laser measure is precise and accurate to 1/8 in. 

With one simple button press you can measure the distance of your wall up to 65 ft. You press it once to begin measuring in measurement mode, and then press it again to hold the measurement.

Bosch Laser MeasureI especially like this laser measure because its compact and easy to hold. Once I got the measurement of the wall, I divided the measurement in half to get the measurement for where  wanted to hang my picture.

Step 2: Use Self-Leveling Laser to Hang Photo

I then pulled out my self-leveling laser to help me line up the picture. Let me tell you, this leveling laser is the real deal. I don't think I'll ever have a problem with hanging photos again. This laser has a visible line range of 200 ft with a 3/32 in. accuracy up to 30 ft.

Bosch Laser MeasureThis self-leveling laser features two vertical lines that cross at 90 degree angles to quickly square the layout of a room. It also features an upgraded diode with a bright beam and has  a visible range of up to 200 ft. diameter and a working range of up to 300 ft.diameter. This laser includes VisiMax Technology for maximum line visibility.

Bosch Laser MeasureOne feature I also like is that the self-leveling laser will beep when the laser is not stable. This would really come in handy if the laser got off balance but you didn't realize. This feature ensures that the laser will always stay in a level position.

With the Bosch laser measure and Bosch self-leveling laser, your photo is sure to be nice and level.  

The Bosch 200 ft. Self Leveling 3 Plane Cross Line Laser retails for $399 and the BLAZE 65ft. Laser Distance Measurer retails for $49.97 at The Home Depot.

Thanks for reading guys. XOXO, Ashley
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August 19, 2019 — Ashley Basnight