"Husky is making organizing fun and easy"

Whether I am working in my home or working in some other location I am always looking for easy ways to lug my tools around. If I'm not working in my shop, walking back and forth between projects gets old pretty quick. 

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Today I'm here to share some great storage solutions and tool organizers that may come in handy on those jobs away from the shop. 

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I do tons of home improvement projects in my home and this Husky tool bag is the perfect solution for those types of jobs. I'm close to my shop so I can easily walk back and forth, but having this small parts organizer is the perfect way to grab those main smaller tools I plan on using during my project. 


It features six divided sections for easy organization and is designed to stack 3-4 in a 5 gallon bucket. This Husky Small Parts Tool Bag retails for $12.97 at The Home Depot.


Other than this Pro Mobile Office looking trendy and cool, its heavy duty fabric and water resistant material makes it an organizer worth having.

Husky Mobile Office

The one feature I love on this particular Husky bag is the fact that its closed. Many organizers that I see are always open but this one features locking zippers to help prevent theft. As a woodworker, I am constantly getting sawdust everywhere, but with this bag, I can be ensured that whatever is inside, is safely tucked away. I also lie that you can't see what's inside the bag if you're just passing by.Husky Mobile OfficeThe Husky Pro Mobile Office features 5 elastic straps and 10 interior pockets. You can fit your laptop, tablet, folders or notepads inside and more room to maybe even slip a tool inside. Even though this mobile office has lots of room inside, it's small enough to tote around without feeling boded down. This Pro Mobile Office retails for $49.97 at The Home Depot.


Last but certainly not least, is this Husky Tote with Tool Organizer. This thing can hold some tools. I recently used this bag to ship some tools and fit around 50 lbs of tools in there. Now that was pushing it a little bit, but it all fit in there.

Husky 19 in. Pro Hybrid Tote with Tool Organizer

Another cool thing about this organizer, is the you get a two for one special. I features a tool organizer that has interior pockets and strap to hold tools in place and it fits right in the front pocket of the Husky Tote.

Tool Organizer

I especially love the small pocket on the tool organizer for small screws or nuts you may need to get the job done.

Husky Tool Organizer

All of these Husky organizers are great solutions to have with you on or off the job site and I look forward to lagging these along with me. This Husky Tote with Tool Organizer retails for $59.99 at The Home Depot.

Husky Work Knee Pads

Now that I've shown you all of Husky's great organizer solutions, I also would like to mention their Husky Work Knee Pads. 

Husky Gel-Foam Soft Cap Work Knee Pads

When doing projects that require being on my knees like installing flooring, these types of items make a huge difference. They allow comfortable kneeling and protect against impacts, and feature a hook and loop closure that makes it easy to put on and take off.

It's tough, nylon shell makes it the right product for extra comfort during the job.

Thanks for reading guys, XOXO, Ashley
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April 15, 2019 — Ashley Basnight