The new Ridgid Shop Vac design is leaving old wet dry shop vac designs in the dust.

I cant express how excited I am about the new Ridgid Shop Vac design, the small subtle feature changes on this baby was just the right changes for me to want this thing that much more.

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The new Ridgid Shop vac features new scroll technology that shapes the vac’s airflow and has increased the power of the Vac and features 7 new upgrades.

Ridgid 6 gallon Shop Vac Tool Review

Currently, I have a 16-gallon Ridgid shop vac and although I have known Ridgid to have one of the best shop vacs, some of the design features on my 16-gallon vac were frustrating to maneuver, and even though it’s a much bigger vac that holds a lot more debris, I actually prefer the new Smaller vac with the design change vs. my old Ridgid.

Ridgid Shop Vac Tool Review

If I was using the shop vac for dust collection I would stick with the bigger one; but being that I use the shop vac for vacuuming and blowing only; this 6 gallon Ridgid wet/dry shop vac was a no brainer.

Testing Out the Shop Vac

The Ridgid 6-Gallon Shop vac comes packed with the 3.5 peak vac, the locking hose with Dual-Flex, three extension wands, utility nozzle, and a Qwik Lock Filter. The Ridgid shop vac basically came assembled out of the box, the only real assembly was attaching the top handle. 

One of the first things I noticed while testing out the Ridgid Shop Vac was the ease of operation. Using this Ridgid 6-gallon shop vac was effortless and is a great vac for everyday cleanup of small dirt and debris.

This vac had really great suction for being so small; and I really love that this vac also functions as a blower. The ease of switching the hose to switch between the two was effortless.

Favorite Features

Accesory Storage  This hands down is the best feature on the Ridgid 6 gallon wet/dry shop vac in my opinion. The accessory pieces fit right into the rolling castor wheel pieces. So you don’t have to worry about any extra attachment pieces. When it comes to any kind of attachments on a tool, I am always one to misplace them, so having a spot where I can store the accessories is HUGE.                                               

Compact Design This 6 gallon shop vac requires little storage space in my workshop and was made to be easy to lift and comfortable to carry with the top carry handle.                             

Price Point Even with all of the new added features, the NXT vacs are still the same price as older models which makes it much easier to make the change.     

Cord Organization I really like how Ridgid designed the top handle to be able to house the cord. The cord wraps around the top handle and the outer tabs seem long enough to be able to hold the cord when it’s fully wrapped around.

Ridgid 6-gallon Shop Vac Tool ReviewI would love to see a crevice attachment for smaller corners, I think I would prefer that over the third extension wand.

Also when I'm ready to put it away it seems like I just can’t find the best way to roll up that hose. I try to wrap it neatly but it either unwraps or just doesn’t want to cooperate. You can attach the hose and put it up somewhere but it would be nice to have some kind of feature that would store it nicely.





The Ridgid Shop Vac retails for $49.97 at The Home Depot.

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June 10, 2018 — Ashley Basnight