This Ryobi Belt Sander Review answers the questions you've been wondering.

The Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander was a fun tool to try out and I'm sharing all the details for my Ryobi Belt Sander Review.
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Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander Tool Review Ratings



The box comes packed with three items. A Ryobi P450 belt sander, dust bag and 80-grit sandpaper belt.


I purchased the corded Ryobi brushless sander a while back, so I was very interested to see if there was much of a difference between the two. It was very evident right off the back that the Ryobi Cordless Belt  Sander definitely was neck in neck to the corded sander, in regards to power, with an added plus of not having the hassle of the cord. I would definitely recommend this Ryobi Belt Sander over the corded if your not sanding everyday. 
One thing I noticed when using the Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander was that the belt tracking can send the belt into the housing (plastic casing) and cut through it, so I had to make sure I was aware of how far I was tracking the belt; had no issues after that.
Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander sanding a tabletop
It seems as if the Ryobi Cordless Brushless Belt  Sander drains the battery a little faster than some of the other Ryobi tools I've used. Sanding is usually a labor-intensive job that lasts a while for me, so if you plan on using this tool, have your batteries on deck; ready to roll. This wasn't a huge deal for me because I have a lot of Ryobi batteries, but for someone who doesn't this may pose as an issue. If you don't already have a Ryobi battery, I would recommend getting the 18V Compact LITHIUM+ Battery or RYOBI One+ 18-Volt High Capacity Lithium Battery to use with this.
Luckily, RYOBI DAYS is in full effect! So if you act fast you can grab a deal at your local Home Depot on some Ryobi batteries, either in-store or online!
Ryobi Days at the Home Depot
The Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander comes with a little dust collection bag, and it doesn't do too bad of a job but I think another alternative for dust collection would probably be best for this sander.



Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander Tool Review

Ryobi's brushless motor technology allows the tool to produce speeds up to 850 FPM allowing real cordless convenience. The amperage is a little higher on this Ryobi sander, so its giving more torque with the motor.


Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander Tool Review

The Ryobi Cordless Brushless Belt  Sander  is equipped with a plastic lever on the side for easy belt removal. A new one can be installed in seconds meaning no loss of productivity.


The Ryobi Cordless Brushless Belt  Sander  can be moved in 5 different positions, I found this to be very helpful for comfort, especially when sanding for long periods of time. One of the things I like the most is that you can get to the very edge of something when the handle is adjusted all the way up. So for those sanding floors, this would be very helpful when trying to sand spots right up against a wall.

Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander Tool Review


Although this is a standard feature on similar brushless sanders, its nice to know the Ryobi Cordless Belt  Sander has this feature. When sanding for long periods of time, this lock on switch comes in handy. Having to hold the on switch just causes finger cramping after a while, so this tool really helps maximize user control and convenience while you work. Once locked in, a quick press of the on button will stop the sander.

Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander Tool Review



Whether or not variable speed would really make a difference with this tool is still an unanswered question for me but I'd rather have it and not need it than not have it and need it. I hear that Ridgid's model has variable speed. 


The Ryobi Cordless Belt Sander retails for $129.00 at the Home Depot.

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  • Brushless motor provides corded performance with cordless convenience
  • Pommel handle adjusts to 5 different positions for added versatility and comfort
  • Up to 850 FPM (feet-per-minute) for true corded performance
  • Remove up to 325 g of material per charge
  • Tool-free belt tracking maximizes user control and convenience
  • Ability to hook up to a wet/dry vacuum hose (not included) for dust collection
  • Lock-on switch reduces user fatigue
  • Front-mounted motor for even weight-distribution
  • GRIPZONE overmold with micro-texture for optimum grip and user comfort
  • Includes: P450 belt sander, dust bag and 80-grit sandpaper belt


  • Battery: 18 Volt
  • Belt: 3 x 18 in.
  • Belt Speed: up to 850 FPM
  • Tool Weight: 7.6 lbs.


Ryobi offers a 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY on this tool, which in my opinion is a good amount of time. 

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May 23, 2017 — Ashley Basnight