"Ryobi's got the Insert and Power Bits to fit your driving needs."

It's always so easy to get wrapped up in all of the cool tools but we often forget about the essentials. It's always good to have a good drill set around so I'm excited to share the details for this Ryobi Multi-Material Drill and Drive Kit (60-Piece).

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What's Included?

The Ryobi Multi-Material Drill and Drive Kit comes packed with 60 drive and drill bits and a clear front carrying case. It provides a variety of bits used for a wide range of applications. Drill bit types include twist bit, spade bit, screwdriver, nut driver, hole saw, bit extender, etc. 

Ryobi Multi-Material Drill and Drive Kit (60-Piece)

Testing Out the Ryobi Multi-Material Drill and Drive Kit

I decided to test out a few bits in the Ryobi Kit just to see how they stood up and I wasn't dissapointed. One of the great things about these bit is that they are made to withstand many types of materials, whether it be wood, metal, plastic or masonry, these bits will get the job done.

Ryobi Spade bit drilling into a piece of woodThe spade bit drilled into the wood really nicely, I almost wish there were a few other spade bits in this kit. The spade bit in this particular kit is 1".

Ryobi Drill laying next to a spade bit and piece of wood

Next, I decided to try out one of the drill bits. The drill bits provided range from a wide variety of sizes, which will definitely come in handy while building.

Ryobi Drill and Drill Bit on an aluminum sheetSince these bits are supposed to be able to handle metal, I wanted to drill into this aluminum sheet to see how well the drill bit would do with materiel other than wood. As expected, it drilled through the materiel quite nicely.

Ryobi Drill drilling into an aluminum sheet.

After testing out a few bits, I was pretty pleased with my Ryobi Drill and Drive Kit.

Favorite Features

The Case

I really like the clear class on this kit because I don't have to open t to see if there is something that I need inside. I also like that it is slender because it slides right into my tool drawer. 

Ryobi Multi-Material Drill and Drive Kit (60-Piece)I also like that the bit hooks are strong, you really have to snap the bits into place and they don't fall out easily.

Ryobi Ryobi Drill and Drive Kit

How could it be better?

I personally would have liked this kit better if it had a few more spade bits and a little less drill bits but overall I was pretty satisfied with the kit.

The Ryobi Multi-Material Drill and Drive Kit retails for $21.97 at The Home Depot.

As always, thanks for reading guys. XOXO, Ashley
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January 15, 2020 — Ashley Basnight