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Ryobi Rotary Tool Review

Ryobi Rotary Tool Review

"The Ryobi Rotary tool is bringing some new flavor to the table."

I haven't had a lot of experiences with rotary tools outside of Dremel, so I was excited to give this Ryobi Rotary Tool for a spin. I must say, I was quite impressed.
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Whats Included?

The Ryobi Rotary tool comes packed with the one 18 Volt ONE+ Rotary tool, a 36" flexible shaft, and and accessory storage case packed with multiple accessories including grinding, sanding, cutting and polishing accessories.

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Ryobi Rotary Tool

Testing out the Ryobi Rotary Tool 

To try out my rotary tool, I decided to create some designs on some terra cotta pots; a quick, but fun project. First, I painted the pots with different colors.

If you didn't know, Home Depot often has used paint on sale for cheap in the paint section. I got these little sample colors for 50 cents each. Perfect buy for this small project.

Home Depot Color Samples

I used a small paint brush to paint the different pots with different colors just to make it fun. These paint samples were great for these small clay pots.

Home Depot Color Samples

Once the paint was dry, I used my Ryobi Rotary tool to draw designs on the terra cotta pots. This does require come kind of steadiness of the hand, but this seemed fairly easy to do. 

With the right accessory, I was able to create different designs on these clay pots.

Ryobi Rotary Tool Review

The flexible shaft made it very easy to maneuver the rotary tool around for use and because the rotary tool has rubber feet, it stayed in place while I was moving the compact pen around.

Favorite Features

Key Storage

I don't know about you, but I always have trouble keeping up with small accessories. I really love that the Ryobi rotary tool has integrated key holes for easy storage. It gives me confidence that I can keep up with the rotary tool's accessories. With 33 accessories included, this was the perfect addition to the rotary tool.

Ryobi Rotary Tool

Flexible Shaft

The 36 in. flexible shaft makes it easy to maneuver during use and it was very easy to attach to the rotary tool. I also like that the universal accessory collet was easy operational. With a push down of one button I was able to switch out accessories.

Ryobi Rotary Tool Review

I also like that the pen is compact for comfort and ultimate precision. It would be perfect for calligraphy jobs.

Ryobi Rotary Tool

Variable Speed

I think having variable speed on any tools increases the function ability for any tool. The Ryobi Rotary tool features variable up to 34,000 RPM for enhanced performance.

Ryobi Rotary Tool Review

How Could it Be Better?

Although I love the attachment area, I do wish the rotary tool was a little smaller. For certain jobs, I can see how the size of the rotary tool would make things a little harder.

I also noticed that the rotary tool got hot quickly. I don't know if this is an indication of anything, but it is something I noticed. I'm wondering if that could be an issue for longer jobs.

The Ryobi Rotary Tool retails for $69.00 at The Home Depot.

Thanks for reading guys. XOXO, Ashley
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