"A multi-purpose ladder great for any job."

This by far is probably one of the most interesting tools that I have tried out. I was super excited to try out this multi-purpose ladder because I was so fascinated at the ergonomics of it. 

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Whoever engineered this ladder definitely gets some kudos from me. Whether you're doing a simple light change in the home, or need to get on top of your roof, this ladder has all you need to get the job done.

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Testing out the Multi-Purpose Ladder

The first thing I tested out when I got the ladder was all of the different positions on the ladder, of course. I was really impressed with how easy it was to operate.

Werner LadderHere you can see my friend Taylor giving the ladder a spin. I really liked that the ladder felt really sturdy. With it being a multi-purpose ladder, I was worried that the stability wouldn't be as good since it can be set in so many positions, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that each position held pretty steady. 

When it comes to ladders, stability is probably one of the most important things that I look for, so I was happy to see that the ladder felt safe. The slip-resistant feet help keep it stabilized, as well as the extra-flared bottom for good support.

Werner LadderThe first thing my friend Taylor said when she picked it up was, man this is light. Which I felt was another great thing about this ladder, it's not as heavy as I anticipated. 

Favorite Features

ShatterProof J-Locks and Push Knobs

I have got to rave about Werners J-Lock and push knob system. When I first operated the ladder, I was a little nervous that my finger would get caught somewhere and get pinched while operating the ladder, but they did a really good job making sure that doesn't happen.

Werner Ladder

The ladder features oversized push knobs so you can pull the ladder legs apart and together and these shatterproof j-locks to allow you to lift the ladder up or down. Its really easy to operate and locks in place for safety.

5 Positions

This is an obvious favorite, but I love that you only need one ladder to do the work of five. The Werner ladder features 5 different positions. An extension ladder, a double sided twin step ladder, a stairway ladder, 90 wall ladder and can serve as 2 self scaffolding bases.

Werner LadderNow I didn't get to test out the ladder serving as a scaffolding base, but I am definitely going to plan on getting a second ladder for future DIY projects. I plan on providing an update whenever I do.

Werner Ladder

How it Could Be Better

For me, the one thing that could have been a little better was the comfort of the ladder steps. Compared to my other ladder, the steps seemed to be less comfortable after standing on it for a long period of time. This is more of a want rather than a need, but it Werner were looking to make this ladder better, that's what I would improve. It is also a little heavy for a ladder. Understandable because of all of its functions but it’s not a ladder I would pull out every time.

The Werner Multi Ladder retails for $149 at the Home Depot.

As always, thanks for reading guys. XOXO, Ashley
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July 02, 2020 — Ashley Basnight