"A master bedroom upgrade for a young couple."

For this master bedroom update, my clients felt like they were getting older and wanted something more sophisticated. "As you can see, our walls are pretty empty, we are using leftover furniture from different moves, and the lighting is a little off. But now that we are in our mid 30s, it’s time to be grown ups and have a nice bedroom!" Bhavik said.

Master bedroomFor this design, I decided to go moody and use a darker paint color to make the existing bed stand out. Sometimes it may be scary to commit to a darker color, but with great risk, comes great reward.

Master Bedroom UpdateTheir existing room layout was a great layout to be able to lay things out nicely. I love when rooms have a particular layout feel already. It just makes it so much easier to implement a design.

master upgradeFor most of the furniture I went lighter since the room color was so dark and then I added in some contrast with the darker nightstands. I absolutely love how this room came out!

Master BedroomThey also already had this beautiful rug; it wasn't hard to bring this baby to life, she's a real beauty.

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March 05, 2021 — Ashley Basnight