"A moody master bedroom to set the mood."

Theres nothing like a moody bed room to get you prepped for bed. Paulette wanted a different look in her bedroom, and that's what she got. "I would like to paint the walls, however I would like a feature wall," Paulette said. 

With some new furniture and a grand feature wall, this simple bedroom was transformed into a great space.

bedroomThe thing  I really love about wall paneling is that it's inexpensive and its pretty easy to tackle for a beginner. Depending on the style, a paneled wall can really make a huge difference in a room.


Everyone loves a good before and after, and I must say this is such a transformation for so little changes.

E-DesignThis modern feel really just makes the bedroom feel nice and moody.

E-DesignWall Paneling is a great way to bring some spice to your bedroom! If you're looking for some good tips on how to install wall paneling in your room, check out the posts below:


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March 04, 2021 — Ashley Basnight