"A simplistic bedroom never fails"

Have you ever heard the saying "less is more?" Well with this design, that route rings true. Samantha had a shiplap wall that she absolutely loved, but needed some help figuring out the rest." I have a shiplap accent wall that I love...but need mega help with everything else" Samantha said, so I decided to give her a simplistic farmhouse look that would pull the room together.
Shiplap Bedroom
I really loved the existing shiplap wall and knew just how to bring this bedroom to life! With a few new items, I was able to fully transform the room.
E Design
If you don't want major changes, there are always ways to still elevate your design and it's super evident in this one.
One of my favorite additions to the room is the addition of the barn door. I absolutely love how barn doors bring character to a room, and this farmhouse design was definitely elevated by this easy addition.
Shiplap Design
If you're curious how easy it is to install barn door hardware, check out how I installed some hardware on a custom media unit I built.

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March 02, 2021 — Ashley Basnight