"Taking Making It to a whole notha' level with a fun photoshoot"

Being on Season 2 of Making It has been a super fun experience already and I knew as soon as I was casted for the show that I was going to have to do something fun to celebrate. So I decided to plan a fun photoshoot to help me remember this amazing experience.

NBC Making It Season 2 with Ashley BasnightI figured some of you may be interested in how I pulled this shoot together, so I'm sharing all of the juicy details today on the blog. But first let's take a look at some of the lovely shots from the shoot.

Making it Season 2 - Photoshoot (Behind the Scenes)

Prepping for the Shoot

I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate the NBC logo in this shoot, so the first step in this process was creating the logo sign. Originally, The sign wasn't planned to be this big, but go big or go home right!?

Inventable X Carve

I first cut out the feathers for the logo with my Inventables XCarve, it's a CNC machine, and if you are a sign maker you know all to well how awesome these machines are! I used 3/4" MDF sign because I really wanted the craft paint to pop and the matching cuts through MDF like butta!

NBC Logo Making It Season 2

With the feather cutouts finished, all I had to worry about was cutting out the back of the logo. I used a 3/4" sheet of MDF and freehanded the back of the peacock logo and used my jigsaw to cut out the pattern and for all you colorful craft lovers don't worry, I won't leave you hanging, I have linked all of the colors I used for the logo below.

Making It Photoshoot NBC logo

Peacock Colors (Left to Right)  Apple Barrel Black//Apple Barrel White// Apple Barrel Yellow// Apple Barrel Harvest Orange/Tangelo // DecoArt Carasoul Pink// DecoArt Royal Fuchsia// Apple Barrel Wisteria // Apple Barrel Caribbean// Apple Barrel Lime Sherbert // Back of Peacock - Apple Barrel Lavender

Making it Season 2 - NBC Logo

and WAAA-LAAAAH there you have it. I attached the individual feather pieces to the MDF board using DAP RapidFuse Glue, it's some strong stuff. O yea, and the Inventables XCarve cuts out letters too.

Although I knew the peacock would be the main prop, I decided to whip up some other props just for effect. So I decided to wrap some cardboard boxes with wrapping paper. Can you say Easy Peesy!

Making it Photoshoot

The Shoot

Here are the materiels I used to pull the shoot off.

I knew I wanted this shoot to be super fun and colorful so I decided to go with the double color backdrop. Funny story before we got these shots, I accidentally fell on the backdrop (after attempting to jump off a chair) and knocked it all down! Luckily, I had a great team behind me to save the day! Shoutout to my Team (Taylor, Kim, Regina and David)

MAKING IT PHOTOSHOOTAlso shout out to the guys at Rise Coworking for allowing me to use their space. If you're a creative like me looking for a shared workspace, be sure to check them out.

NBC Logo - Making ItI knew pictures wouldn’t really do the shooting process justice so you know I had to get the shoot on camera. Watch and Enjoy.

Thanks for reading guys and if you missed the official announcement be sure to check it out here!

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November 13, 2019 — Ashley Basnight