So you want to be casted?

I must say, being casted for a reality television show was definitely an exciting experience and I wanted to share some tips on how I got casted. If you ever get a chance to apply again for a show (fingers crossed for Making It Season 3) hopefully some of these do’s and dont’s can help make your dreams come true.

Now I’m no casting expert, so keep that in mind but I’m pretty sure these helpful tips will get you that much closer to TV Stardom.

Making it Season 2

Keep it on the Low!

Now ladies and gentlemen, I know how exciting it can be to want to tell everybody about applying to a show, but this is a big no no! Most shows are very big on their confidentiality, and sharing that you’ve applied for a show, or are being considered is definitely not a great idea.

You don't want to put your chances in jeopardy because you couldn't hold the tea. If you are interested in a show and are applying, keep it on the hush, hush, it will make announcing the good news that much better.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Don’t let your first time applying be your last. I know how frustrating it can be to get rejected, but just because you get a no the first time doesn’t mean you’ll get a no the next time. I can tell you this wasn't my first no for a show, (second or third either) and I actually applied for Making It Season 1 and to be honest, having applied before and having gone through the process multiple times actually prepared me this time around. I had gotten over the initial nervousness of being interviewed and was able to just fully be myself! Don’t get discouraged. Keep at it.

If you've applied before, don't let that keep you from applying again; this just might be your year!

Making it Season 2

Patience is Key

When applying for a show, it’s obvious that you want to know the outcome of an interview or application. But when you apply, you’re basically playing the waiting game. Sometimes you may not even hear anything back, which is usually the case, but even when I did hear back it was still a wait.

After applying to Making It, I waited a little over two months before I heard anything back and even after that, it was still more waiting. Patience is key in these types of situations. You’re going to want communication and assurance but you likely won’t get it until you’re close to actually filming the show. I probably had about a week before I knew for sure, for sure that it was a done deal, crazy, I know. No need to email and bug the casters, if they want you, trust me, you will hear from them!

Brag on Yourself

I know we are taught to stay humble but this is your chance to brag on yourself a little. Be confident in yourself and what you do. There was a big difference in my first couple of interviews vs. the Making It 2 Interview.

In the first interviews I would say things like “ I think I could do this,” or “I’m kind of new at this, but I’ve built a few things.” But in the second interview I used phrases like “I am confident I can knock this out.” Basically being confident in your responses and presenting yourself in a positive light. The casters want to see that you are confident in your abilities. Your golden, you just have to show them that! 

Making it Season 2

Be Yourself! 

Now this may seem really obvious, but when your in an exciting, high rush, situation like being casted for a television show, it’s very easy to lose yourself in an interview. Just simply be yourself. I promise, you will feel way better in the end if you are your true genuine self.

Welp that's all the tips I have, hopefully this will help you get that much closer to getting casted on Making It!

Check out the application here! 

Later y'all, thanks for reading.

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January 27, 2020 — Ashley Basnight