"A DIY Wall Coat rack that will brighten up your entryway"

I always love simple DIYs and this coat rack is no different. I wanted to bring you guys a simple project, a little something different from my larger furniture projects that I usually do. So let's dive in.  

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DIY Pink Wall Coat Rack with hat, jacket and purse hanging
I really wanted to have fun with this project, so I decided to paint it a bold color and since pink is bright and bold, it was a no brainer. My style is usually a little simplistic but I always love to throw in a little pop of color every now and then.
DIY Wall Coat rack behind a shiplap wall with a hat, purse and jean jacket hanging
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Tools List

For this particular project, I get to test out my new Ryobi Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit. It comes packed with the drill driver and impact driver, two batteries, a charger and a bag.

18-Volt ONE+ Lithium-Ion Cordless 2-Tool Combo Kit In this particular kit the batteries and charger have been upgraded for overall performance. So let's see how it stood up to the job.

Step 1: Drill Pocket Holes

First, I cut my two select pine boards down to size using my miter saw. I opted to cut my boards down to 39" but feel free to make yours as long as you see fit. Once my boards were cut, I started drilling pocket holes into my 1x6 board using my RYOBI Drill/Driver.

Ryobi Drill/Driver drilling pocket holes into a select pine board using a Kreg Jig

The new drill/driver has 500 in-lbs of torque that gives it power when doing activities such as these. I created pocket holes all along the back of the board and used my Kreg Jig to do so. For this board, I set my jig to a 3/4" setting.

Step 2: Assemble DIY Coat Rack

Next, I joined my boards together using pocket hole screws. I utilized my right angle clamps to hold the boards into place while I used my RYOBI Impact Driver to drill in the screws. 

Ryobi Impact Driver drilling in pocket hole screws into a pine boardThe Ryobi Impact driver has 1800 in-lbs of torque to deliver increased speed when driving screws. I drilled in the outer pocket hole screws first to hold things into place and then proceeded with the rest of the pocket holes.

Step 3: Drill Dowel Holes

Next, I added the dowel holes. To create the holes, I used my 5/8" forstner bit. Now, you can use your Ryobi Drill/Driver to drill the dowel holes, but I decided to use my RIDGID Octane Hammer Drill instead because it was a lot faster. This baby has a ton of power, and was a better option for this particular task.

Drilling holes using a RIDGID octane drill/driverI first marked the board in half at 2 3/4" and then marked evenly across the board to make sure my dowels would be evenly placed. I drilled my holes just deep enough so that the top of the Forster bit would be even with the top of the hole.

Forstner Bit and hole drilled in select pine board

Step 4: Add Dowels to Coat Rack

Now I did this step third, but later on in the process, I realized that it was probably better to do this step after painting the coat rack. Lesson learned, do this step once your paint is dry.

DAP Rapid Fuse Glue and Wooden dowel sitting on top of a select pine boardI used DAP RapidFuse Glue to attach the dowels to the coat rack. I use this glue all the time and I really enjoy using it. It always has a strong hold with whatever I'm applying it to and dries almost instantly.

Step 5: Paint your DIY Coat Rack

Now here is the fun part! Getting to choose a color for your coat rack. I went with something bold and fun, pink! This was also my first time trying out this new spray paint ColorShot.

Spraying board with COLORSHOT Farmer's DaughterOne thing that I noticed that I really liked was how quickly it dried. I sprayed a thin coat and it quickly dried to touch. This particular color is called Farmer's Daughter. I sprayed several coats and then let it sit to dry.

Spraying board with COLORSHOT Farmer's Daughter

 Step 6: Style and Enjoy

Once your DIY Coat Rack is all dry, you can style and enjoy. This project was a super simple project that I was able to knock out in a few hours but man does it make a corner space look good. I hope you guys enjoy and I can't wait to see your renditions of this coat rack. But before you go, let's get one last look at mine.

DIY Wall Coat Rack Hanging on a Shiplap Wall under a Gold Mirror with a Hat, purse and jean jacket hanging.

Thanks for reading guys, XOXO Ashley.

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January 18, 2020 — Ashley Basnight