Brick Fireplace Demolition w/ a Hammer Drill

Brick Fireplace Demolition w/ a Hammer Drill

"Sparks are flying with this Brick Fireplace Demolition!"

I have been excited about transforming this fireplace since I moved into this house. I even did an in the meantime makeover to give the fireplace in the meantime, but its finally time to tackle the real fireplace makeover.

Tools Used

I always love looking back at where we came from to really show the progress that has been made and let's just say, we've come a long way.

Brick Fireplace Demolition

Check out this video to see the Brick Fireplace Demolition in action!

I was actually surprised by how easy this demolition went, my friend and I were able to knock it out in about two hours. This is how it looked once we were finished.

Brick Fireplace Demolition

March 16, 2024 — Ashley Basnight
Slat Walls and Wood Paneling for Your Home

Implement Slat Walls with Wood Panels in Your Home | DIY

Lately I have been on a wood panel kick; so I decided to share four different ways to implement wood paneling in your home that feels fresh and fun!

Some people may not be a fan of slat walls because it is a little trendy; but Im always a girl that encourages people to just go with what they love and I absolutely love them. today Im diving into several projects where I was able to utilize slat walls in my home.

Wood Paneling for the Movie Room

One of my favorite rooms in my home is my movie room; and a big reason for that is the wood paneling that I installed. These Luxe panels were the perfect match for this space and I really loved that these particular panels were a little wider in size. Typically they come a little smaller, but this company made a great on adding a wider sized option.

Wood PanelingI really love the versatility of the panels as well. I was able to use this as a backsplash for my movie room bar.

Slat Walls

Pre-Finished Wood Oak Slats

Now these pre-finished wood oak slats are hands down my favorite because there is even more flexibility with these slats. They come in a smaller size so you can manipulate and maneuver them to use them however you'd like.

Slat wall

 Now these do require a little more work; but if you have taller walls or a furniture piece, these pre-finished oak boards are perfect for those types of projects.

Slat wall using wood paneling

Click Here to see the full tutorial on this slat wall!

Wood Looking Tile - Japandi

Now, Ive never seen wood paneling look this good and there is a slight reason for that! Here I used a wood looking tile called Japandi. It gives the look of wood paneling but it's made for bathrooms! She is a Stunner.

Bathroom Japandi Wall Paneling

Light Wood Panels for a Guest Oasis

I figured I'd leave you guys with the last room in my home that I will be utilizing paneling; but I haven't actually brought it to life yet. So I'm sharing, for the first time, my design rendering of my guest room. I will be using a light colored wall paneling to bring this design to life. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Wall Panel Design Rendering

 As always, thanks for reading guys!

February 10, 2024 — Ashley Basnight
Guest Bedroom Transformation | Home Depot Decor

Guest Bedroom Transformation | Home Depot Decor

"Discover the Science of Transforming Your Bedroom into a DIY Masterpiece"

Room transformations are definitely becoming my favorite DIY project these days. There's so many things you can do with a room makeover and with this project I got the joy of using some fun decor from Home Depot to help bring this transformation to life.

"This post is sponsored by the Home Depot."

There are some affiliate links in this post, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through these links, at no cost to you. Click Here to read my full disclosure.  

The Before

I always love looking back at the before photos to see just how much has changed, so I have to give you guys a look at where we came from first.

before bedroom photos

Transforming the Room

To get the room started, I decided to first lime wash the walls. I knew the lime wash would give the room texture and really create a fun effect. I first painted the walls with Behr's Fortune and then went in after to lime wash the walls with Color Atelier's Plume. I decided to not lime wash the ceiling and the plume went so well with the Behr color Fortune!

Color Atelier Plume Limewash PaintI also decided to switch out the old fan that was in the room for a more modern look. I knew this grey ceiling fan would be the perfect change for this guest bedroom.

Carpet InstallI also decided to switch up the flooring and have some plush carpet installed for a more comfortable stay and it was such a good choice! Once the carpet was in and I started assembling my furniture I knew I had made some great choices. I just loved this palm tree plant. Check out my post here for more details on the carpet install.

Styling the Room

Being that I decided to lime wash the walls, I thought it would be the perfect match for a boho/tribal vibe. So I searched up and down the website to find some amazing decor finds and it did not disappoint.

MoodboardMy absolute favorite is the Moroccan Printed Area rug I found; it went so well with the walls and really tied things together. It coupled perfectly with this amazing golden tufted headboard.

The Final Reveal 

The final bedroom turned out so well; and I am so glad I decided to go with the plume lime wash. It coupled so well with all of the home decor finds. I really loved how the Abstract Art coupled with the Circulation Metal Work Art. These two pieces were the perfect match with this 2-Drawer Cane Nightstand.

Home Depot Home Decor Finds

With a brand new guest bedroom, I had to make sure to get some great bedding options so that my guests would enjoy their stay. I started off with some nice sateen sheets from the Company Store, and coupled them together with the light weight comforter and Luxury Velvet Cream Quilt.

I love to have plenty of blankets on my bed; and I wanted no different for my guests, so I also threw on this Pink Plush Blanket and a Fur Throw.

Home Depot Decor

Mid Century Dresser

I also couldn't forget a place for my guests to put their things, so I found this amazing Mid-Century Dresser with ample storage and decided to add this decorative tray on top to add a little flavor as well. But the showstopper here hands down is this arched mirror; talk about a statement piece.

Morroccon Themed Bedroom Transformation

One of my favorite pieces was this adjustable floor lamp; the uniqueness of the lamp handle caught my eye and I am a lover of all things brass. It's sturdy frame and uniqueness really was a no brainer for this bedroom and illuminates against the lime wash so well.

Home Decor furniture

This Tufted Upholstered Arm Chair was just an extra added bonus of comfort and don't tell anyone but it's also hiding that tv cord plug; so that's a win win.

Home Depot Bedroom Decor

Tribal Bedroom Makeover

The funnest part however, was finding some unique pieces to go with my boho and tribal vibe and this Brass Metal Bedside Lamp and African Mask Sculpture really brought those styles to life.

Bedroom. Transformation Home Depot Decor

Guest Bedroom Makeover

and that is it for my guest bedroom makeover. I hope you enjoyed all of the amazing decor and furniture finds and if you have an upcoming room project; be sure to check out The Home Depot for your decorating needs.

Tribal Bedroom Makeover home decor decor

Shop the look Home Depot DecorGolden Tufted Headboard || 2-Drawer Cane Nightstand || 6-Drawer Mid-Century Dresser || Green Velvet Storage Bench || Loloi Moroccan Printed Area Rug || Upholstered Arm Chair || Queen White Sheet Set || Brass Metal Bedside Lamp || Abstract Art Print || Light Weight Queen Comforter || Paradise Palm Tree || Terracotta Decorative Vase || Velvet Cream Standard Sham || Velvet Cream Queen Quilt || Faux Fur Throw || Yellow Geometric Throw Pillow || Beige Geometric Tasseled Pillow || African Man Sculpture || Brass Height Adjustable Floor Lamp || Creamy White Flush Mount with Metal Shade || Gold Ceiling Fan || Modern Frameless Decorative Mirror || Arched Mirror || Abstract Black and White Pillow || Forest Green Lumbar Pillow || Pink Microfiber Blanket || Circular Metal Work Art || Decorative Rectangle Tray || Natural Rattan Lantern || 

As always, thanks for reading guys! XOXO, Ashley

November 10, 2023 — Ashley Basnight
Build a Custom DIY Closet

How to Build a Custom DIY Closet | Shoe Storage Solutions

"Create the Perfect Custom DIY Closet for Your Space"

Building your own custom closet is something that I know all to well. Last year, I took on a huge DIY project and tackled my huge master closet build in my last custom home. So it was only right to build a DIY closet in my new home; except this time; there was a twist. This closet would be strictly for my shoes!


  • 5 sheets - 4' x 8' Plywood Sheets
  • 1x2x8' Select Pine Boards
  • Shiplap Boards
  • Brad Nails
  • Wood Glue
  • 3" Wood Screws
  • Caulk
  • Aria Vent 
  • Behr Paint: Hi-Gloss, Premium Plus, Color: Retro Pink



The Before

As you can see, this closet really needed some love and since my bathroom has three closets, I decided to dedicate one especially for my shoes. A girl has gotta have a spot for her shoes.

DIY Closet BuildThis closet was originally used as a regular closet, so I decided to modernize it a bit and create an amazing storage solution for my shoes.

DIY Closet BuildI knew I didn't have a ton of space to work with; so I really wanted to utilize the vertical space and create built-ins that would extend all the way up the wall. 

Building the DIY Closet 

In order to start the shoe closet I first started building the bases for them to sit on. I personally like casing my closet builds out with trim and building these bases beforehand allows me to do that.

With some 2x4s, I measured the length of the space and assembled this base with construction screws and then used my stud finder to find the studs and secured it to the wall.

Build Master ClosetI also went ahead and installed the shiplap boards because I knew I wanted them to sit behind the wall units. Once the frames were in place, I started assembling the closet units. I decided to assemble this outside of the space to make things easier. I was low on space; so I assembled the units together using plywood sheets cut down and pocket hole screws. My Kreg jig came in handy on this project.

Building DIY ClosetOnce the closet units were built, I brought them into the space to make sure they fit properly. Once I had them in the space; I used my level and some scrap wood to make sure they were perfectly level and then secured the closet units to the studs using my construction screws.

Building DIY ClosetBeing that these units are the main frame of the closet build, you want to make sure that these are properly secured to the wall studs. Once the two closet units were secured to the wall, I used my brad nailer to nail the two units together for extra hold and support.

how to build a diy closet

With the units secured, it was time to add in the shelving and face frames. The face framing always makes the build look more custom. I cut down the shelving to size and then attached them to the closet unit with pocket hole screws. I based my shelving size on the sizing of my personal shoe collection to best fit my needs.

How to build a diy closetOnce the face frames were all in; it was time to move on to the flooring! If you are interested in seeing other closet builds that I've built, be sure to check out Phase 1 and Phase 2 of my master closet build.

Installing the Flooring

I decided to go with the same flooring that I installed in my studio because I absolutely loved the color. If you want more info on the exact flooring; check out my flooring install post here. I had to utilize my jigsaw for one vent cut; but the rest of the install went fairly quickly.

Installing Cali FlooringI really love this flooring because it's easy to install and super durable. It took me about an hour to get the floor down and on to the next step.Installing FlooringI also opted to use a fancy vent cover to make it feel a little more modernized. I used this aria vent and I absolutely love the look if it. Bye Bye old vent covers.

Installing Cali FlooringOnce the floor was in, I couldn't help but to pull my arched mirror in to see how it would look in there and this got me so excited to get this project done; I mean look at it!

Prep and Paint

With everything all built, it was time to paint the cabinets. I opted to use my Graco paint sprayer because it always leaves a clean finish. Any time I am using a pint sprayer I always use Behr's Premium Plus paint because it's a good line for sprayers. 

Of course I decided to go for a fun and bold color, and yes this was decided before the barbie movie came out! I knew I wanted a blush color and finally landed on Retro Pink by Behr. 

DIY Closet BuildI was able to fully paint the cabinets with two coats and got a nice finish. Once everything was all painted, I installed the drawers I built and created these reeded drawer fronts for a special little touch.

DIY Closet RevealI made sure to remove the drawers before painting to make sure I could get all around the drawers and then left the actual drawers natural. Now this color is pink, pink and my friend Steve happened to be wearing the same color pink when he came to check the closet out; so I had to snag a photo of him.

DIY Closet BuildGreat minds must think alike.

The Final Reveal

With the drawer fronts installed, the DIY shoe closet was complete and I must say, it was a huge step up from the previous closet. Now I have a special place for all of my shoes. I don't see me running out of shoe closet space anytime soon.

DIY Closet BuildThe pink really was the perfect choice and my shoes fit in the custom cabinets perfectly. Im so glad I decided to base the sizing off my current collection. If you are debating whether to build your own custom closet, I must say that it is well worth the work because I absolutely love my new closet.

DIY Closet BuildI hope you guys enjoyed this post and as always, thanks for reading guys! XOXO Ashley

August 31, 2023 — Ashley Basnight
Home Depot Makeover with Ashley Basnight

Dining Room Makeover ft. Home Depot Decor

"A Dining Room makeover with a whole lot of color."

I am so excited to share this project with you guys because I love tackling projects where I introduce bold colors and fun patterns. Who's ready for a dining room makeover!?

"This post is sponsored by the Home Depot."

The Before

Looking at this blank dining space really was making me sad because I am a girl who loves color and the thought of this space being so dull and boring made me that more excited to make it over.

Dining Room MakeoverIt's a really good space with lots of room, but it just wasn't giving; it was in desperate need of an upgrade.

Dining Room SpaceThere are some affiliate links in this post, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through these links, at no cost to you. Click Here to read my full disclosure. 

The Design Plan

After searching for furniture and decor online on the Home Depot website; I had a really hard time narrowing down my selections because there were so many great finds! Most of you know I'm a rattan girl; and Home Depot had so many decor choices for rattan. 

My personal favorite was the Arched Rattan Mirror and the 3 Piece Rattan Baskets. Items like these are so cool to me because you can find so many uses for them! But I think we can all agree that the highlight of this room are those amazing dining chairs. I always pick one item to base my design off of, and when I saw these chairs; I knew they would serve as my main design inspo.

Once I narrowed down some decor selections; I started creating a 3D mockup of how I wanted the space to look and this got me ready to get going.

Dining Room MakeoverI have recently been on this rattan kick and home depot had so many decor items with rattan; I may have gone overboard but it turned out great, so I'm a happy girl.

Wood Slat Wall and Wallpaper Installation

I really wanted to create a fun and bold room; so I knew I had to find a really fun wallpaper to bring this room to life. I am a huge fan of mixing colors and textures together and I knew this would be the best fit for the dining space.

Chasing Paper and Wood Slat Wall

Check out the full wallpaper and wood slat wall installation tutorial for details:

Wallpaper Installation Tutorial

Wood Slat Wall Installation Tutorial

Styling the Room

Now let's talk about the fun part; styling the room. Check out all of the fun items that I was able to find to dress up my dining space. Not only were they quality items but they were very affordable as well.

The Final Reveal

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for; the final reveal. Here it is:

Dining Room Design Ashley Basnight Home Depot

I can't believe just how amazing this makeover turned out; I was blown away with how all of the colors and decor came together.

Dining Room Design Ashley Basnight Home DepotGoing bold can sometimes be a risk but man was it a worthwhile risk because I am in love with my new dining space.

Dining Room Design Ashley Basnight Home DepotThe quality of The Home Depot decor items really elevated the space in a major way and I am ready to get to shopping for the next makeover!

Dining Room Design Ashley Basnight Home Depot

All in all, I'm so glad I decided to go bold and I cant wait to host my next party. Thanks for reading guys, XOXO Ashley.

As always, thanks for reading guys.

May 22, 2023 — Ashley Basnight
The Shop Office Renovation Timeline

The Shop Office Renovation Timeline

"A true dream office is coming to life."

Before I ever saw the lake house, I always dreamed of having a dedicated space to do my business duties, so naturally when I saw the house, I fell in love when I saw the shop.

The only downfall is, it needs a lot of work to get it to where it needs to be, but the fun part is, I get to turn it into the exact space I want. Let's take a look at the shop as I found it!

Shop Office

Check out the timeline below to see how I am bringing this shop transformation to life!

Step 1: Epoxy Floors

The first thing I did before I could even move in good was epoxy the floors. I had it done in my last garage and absolutely loved it. The floors are super durable and in my opinion a great investment. 

See the full tutorial here for all of the details!

Epoxy Floors

Step 2: Installing HVAC

Now, with making a dream shop, HVAC is a must. I knew I wanted heating and air in the shop, so I decided to use Integrity Heat and Air to install mini splits. I decided to go with a ductless unit because it required a lot less work.

Lennox Unit

Here is what I had installed:

(2) MWMB030S4-1P (indoor unit), MPB030S4S-1P(outdoor unit), remote control, copper line set, communication wiring, condensate drain, outdoor unit pad all for a whopping  $11,850.00.

Lennox wall units

Lennox MPB/MLA mini-split heat pumps offer an easy, secure installation—especially compared to window units that can leave your home vulnerable to insects, weather elements and theft. Therefore, whether you’re utilizing
ductwork or not, Lennox provides solutions for any room, any time of year.

Now I do want to mention that did not include my electrician providing (2) 208/230v 30 AMP disconnects at the outdoor unit locations, that was an additional $650.

Step 3: Framing the Shop

Shop Framing

Shop Framing

Step 4: Running the Electrical

Step 5: Drywall

August 12, 2022 — Ashley Basnight
Mirrored Wall Master Bedroom

DIY Mirrored Wall for a Master Bedroom | Discover Personal Loans

"A wall of mirrors is a statement piece you'll never forget."

"This post is sponsored by Discover Personal Loans."

I am so excited to share this project with you guys because I have been over the moon about my bedroom being finished. This Lake House renovation has already been a wild ride and I'm happy to finally have a space complete.

Today, I'm sharing all of the details on how I was able to bring this mirror wall to life and how Discover Personal Loans helped me get the job done! 

There are some affiliate links in this post, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through these links, at no cost to you. Click Here to read my full disclosure.  

Step 1: Funding the Project | Discover Personal Loan

With a renovation, costs can add up quick, but luckily, I was able to find an option that I think would be great for anyone wanting to update their homes. Discover Personal Loans customizes your loan to fit your project and budget, with loans available between $2,500 and $35,000 and flexible repayment terms.

Discover Personal LoansYou can borrow money without using your home as collateral and Discover Personal Loans can send funds directly to you in as little as one business day after acceptance.

I personally love Discover Personal Loans because projects can widely range in cost, but Discover has specialists to help tailor your loan to your project and your budget, so you only have to commit to the loan amount you need. As someone who just recently paid off all of my debt, being able to customize my loan to only take out what I need really is helpful when trying to keep my new debt under control.

Discover Personal LoansAlso, if you're concerned about origination fees, you're in luck because Discover personal loans don’t have any. Origination fees are pesky charges that some lenders require their borrowers to pay to get the loan. Since the one-time fee is commonly calculated as a percentage of the loan, no origination fees can equal huge savings! Now that we’ve covered funding, let’s move on to executing the DIY mirror wall of your dreams.

Step 2: Installing the Wall Trim

To kick the wall off, I started by installing 1x3 trim. I cut it down to size on my miter saw and then fastened it to the wall with a bead of liquid nails on the back and then secured it in place using my brad nailer and 2" brad nails.

Wall paneling installedI decided to only do half of the wall because I wanted to bring a luxury feel to the room without overwhelming the space. A full wall in the bedroom would have been a little too much, but halfway down gives the space just the right amount of “wow” factor.

Step 3: Cutting and Installing Mirrors

Once the 1x3 trim was installed, I started fitting in the mirrors. This was probably the most tedious part of the project, but also the most fun because I love learning new techniques.

Using glass cutters, I first would score the mirrors where they needed to be cut and then popped them on the line that I scored.

Each of my mirrors were approximately 19" x 21", so they were a pretty good size.

Mirrored Wall

Once I cut the mirrored glass down to size, I installed them by added 9 beads of mirror adhesive to the back of the mirror and placed the mirrors in the appropriate slots.

I fit the mirrors in the dedicated holes first to make sure they fit and then installed them on the wall.

Mirrored wallI was able to get all of my mirrored glass from a local hardware store; I had to go to a few places to get 24 of them but eventually was able to get them all. They typically don't carry that many in stock at one store, so it took a few road trips to get enough (especially after breaking a few) but it was well worth it.

The good news is if you don't feel comfortable cutting the glass yourself; they will cut it for you for free; if you purchase their mirrors. However, if you go this route, be prepared for it to take a while.

I had them cut the first couple of mirrors but quickly learned that it would be way faster to just cut them on my own, so I decided to learn how to cut the mirrors myself. Either way, you have options.

Mirror Wall

They have two sizes available; both 24" x 30" and 30" x 36". I had to get both in order to have enough for this particular project but I will say that it was easier to cut from the bigger sheet.

Both mirrored glass sizes are priced well compared to what I've seen out there, I was quoted over $2k by two different sources to have them custom cut but I only spent around $700 to use these mirrors.

Step 4: Installing Top Trim

Once I started fitting in mirrors, it was time to add the top trim. I decided to do double trim to add dimension to the wall and I knew the color combo of black and white would look so good against the brown.

diy mirror wallI painted the trim black first and then installed it directly over the white trim. I installed it using 2" brad nails and my brad nailer.

Step 5: Adding Bottom Wall

Once the mirror wall trim was up, I started working on the bottom half of the wall. Because the mirror portion of the wall protruded out a bit, I wanted to also bring out the bottom portion of the wall to make things proportionate.

mirror wallOriginally, I wanted the wall to come out a little more but my original plan didn't work out, so I opted to add a 3/4" board to the wall, to make sure the wall was proportionate.

I attached the board to the wall with 3" construction screws and liquid nails to make sure the wall was securely in place and then painted it with Behr paint in the color Caffeine to match the rest of the room.


Paint Colors Used

  • Behr Paint Plus: "Caffeine" in Eggshell
  • Behr Dynasty Paint: "Smokey Cream" in Eggshell
  • Behr Paint Plus: "Etched Glass" in Hi-Gloss
  • Behr Paint Plus: "Blackout" in Hi-Gloss

Tools Used

Step 6: Style the Room

Now for the fun part, styling the room. Here are all the sources for the furniture I used to really make this room come alive!

The Final Reveal

Now that we've gone over all of the details, it's now time for the final reveal, so here it is.

Mirrored Wall

Excited is an understatement; I am over the moon with how this mirror wall turned out. It came out exactly as I envisioned it.

Most of you who followed along, saw the 3D rendering I did before I started the room and I must say, I hit it out of the park, because it looks almost identical to how I planned it (with a few minor changes).

If you're curious how I bring my 3D renderings to life, I share all of the details in my "Software to Success" Ebook here.

Mirrored Wall Tutorial

But to also remember where this room came from is amazing to me. Total night and day difference from where we started.

Mirror Wall Before Photo

I'm probably most excited about that wallpaper trim being gone, because it was so outdated and this room was giving 80s vibes.

Mirror wall Tutorial

I must say, as much as I had confidence in myself, I was excited to see how the mirror wall was going to come to life and it far exceeded my expectations.

Mirrored WallThe inspiration for this mirror wall was the wall in my previous house; I loved it so much that I knew I had to bring it to the Lake House.

Mirror WallI didn't want to do the exact same thing, so I decided to put it in the bedroom and really add some depth with the double paneling and I'm not disappointed. The mirror wall really is a statement piece.

Mirror Wall

All in all, I am so excited about this mirror wall and even more excited that my room is that much closer to being complete and a big huge shout out to Discover Personal Loans for helping me bring this project to life.

Mirrored Wall

As always, Thanks for reading guys, XOXO Ashley.

Equal Housing Lender

August 08, 2022 — Ashley Basnight
Bonus room makeover with Behr paint

Studio Bonus Room Makeover | Transformation with Behr Paint

"A bonus room transformation you won't forget featuring Behr Paint."

I always love getting to use paint to transform a room because it's one of the most inexpensive ways to make a lasting impact on a room. I wanted to really bring this studio bonus room space to life and I knew a little bit of love and Behr paint would do the job.

"This post is Sponsored by Behr Paint."

"There are some affiliate links in this post, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through these links, at no cost to you. Click Here to read my full disclosure."

Colors Used

Materiels/Tools Used

The Before

I always love transforming rooms with paint, because there are so many creative ways to make a room come to life with different colors. The even better part is that it's one of the most inexpensive ways to bring forth a transformation. Let's take a look at how the room looked before the transformation.

Empty bonus room

I really wanted this bonus room have a fun but sophisticated feel. I had planned on using this room as a space where I could conduct business meetings and just a place to kind of unwind, so I wanted it to feel like a creative space where I could come up with ideas but also have a chill vibe.

Behr Dynasty paint

As you can see, this room was as simple as they come. It definitely needed some pizazz, so with a little help from Behr paint, I took on the challenge to bring this space to life.

Step 1: Adding Wall Paneling and Painting using Behr Deep Veridian

I first started off by adding paneling to the walls; I really wanted to add some depth to the room and I knew painting half the room a bold color would do the trick.

blank room with wall paneling

I cut the wood down to size using my miter saw and then attached the trim to the walls using Liquid Nails and 2" brad nails. Here I am using 1x3 select pine boards.

Room with wainscoting and trim painted Behr paint deep veridian

Once I added the wood trim, I went ahead and painted the walls with Behr Deep Veridian S400-7. I knew I would need two coats, so I found it easier to go ahead and paint the wall before applying the trim in the middle.

This Deep Veridian S400-7 was the perfect pop of green for this room and I knew it would be the perfect match for my green sectional. Usually with walls, I like to go with matte for the sheen, but being that I am painting trim, I used Semi-gloss to provide a little more protection to the wood.

Step 2: Painting the Striped Wall using Behr Studio Clay

Now on to the striped wall! If you've been following me for a while you know that I love doing funky designs with paint. Even though this was a more simpler way to do a funky design, I knew the striped wall would bring an element to the room that would change the whole feel of it.

Room painted with stripes in Behr Studio Clay and Deep Meridian

I used my laser level to accurately apply my painters tape so that I would be able to create these striped lines. I used two lines of tape for each line to create a thick line all of the way down the wall.

Room painted in stripes Behr Studio ClayBeing that I decided to go bold below with the Deep Veridian S400-7, I opted to go more neutral on the top with Studio Clay MQ2-27 in Matte.

Step 4: Stying the Bonus Room 

Styling a room is always huge part of making the room come together and always one of my favorite things to do once I finish painting a room. I am so in love with my green sectional that I recently purchased, it is definitely the highlight of the room, along with some other amazing items. Check out everything in the room below.

The Final Reveal

I couldn't be happier with how this makeover turned out. The painted stripes really elevated the room and made this a space I can really have fun in.

Bonus Room Makeover with Behr Paint | Studio Clay and Deep Meridian
Bonus room transformation with Behr Paint

If you've been following along with me on Instagram, you know that I am in the process of selling my home, so I decided to remove the wallpaper soon after putting it up, but I couldn't just leave the wall blank, so I decided to paint the wall with Studio Clay MQ2-27. If you aren't a super bold person, and don't want to go with wallpaper, paint is always a great way to bring a little character to the home.

Bonus room transformation with Behr paint

The sad part about this room is that I will soon be leaving it, so I won't get to enjoy it, but I have many plans for many more paint projects at my new place!

Bonus room paint with Behr paint with studio clay and deep meridian

If you're wondering how you can transform your room on a budget, be sure to check out Behr paint at or at your local Home Depot and all of their many color options. 

Bonus room makeover with Behr paint

and as always, Thanks for reading guys! XOXO Ashley!

March 30, 2022 — Ashley Basnight
Bathroom remodel featuring Kohler products

Bathroom Renovation and Remodel | Design Ideas to Inspire

"A Bathroom remodel with a design you'll never forget."

After five years of building, I finally got to tackle the project I've been wanting to do the most; a bathroom renovation. My parents have been talking for years about how they wanted to update their older upstairs bathroom, so I'm making it happen!

"This post is sponsored by The Home Depot."

Luckily, with the help from Home Depot and Kohler, I had the opportunity to completely transform my parents bathroom and give them a renovation of their dreams.

There are some affiliate links in this post, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through these links, at no cost to you. Click Here to read my full disclosure.   

Featured Products Used

    Time to Complete Project: 5 weeks

      For a detailed list and cost breakdown, see below!

      The Before

      As always, I like to give you guys a look at the before photos, so here it goes. This is one of three bathrooms that my parents have in their house and it was the oldest one. So naturally, it was the first bathroom they volunteered when I asked them if they would like a bathroom remodel.

      Before photo of an older style bathroom

      As you can see, the bathroom was pretty outdated and my mom really wanted different floors in here. Im happy to report that my mom is very satisfied with her new floors.

      Bathroom Reno before picture

      If you have a bathroom that looks similar, hopefully this tutorial will give you an idea on how you too can change your bathroom.

      The Demolition | Bathroom Reno

      The demo is always my favorite part of a renovation because it always feels good to just rip things out; in some ways its a little therapeutic for me! We were able to get everything ripped out in a day and a half.

      Bathroom renovation removing tub

      Luckily, I had a lot of help on this project, and most of you saw Papa Fred and I tackle this Reno together! This is the first project where I was able to work with my dad and I must say we make a great team!

      One of the many questions I received was, "What in the world did you use to cut that tub in half." I used my handy dandy reciprocating saw. Head over to instagram to see it in action! 

      Bathroom renovation flip

      Since this was a full bathroom renovation, we had to remove everything except the exiting drywall. We did leave the light up until the very end however, to make sure we had some light.

      Tiling the Floor | Bathroom Reno

      I was most excited about this part of the bathroom reno because I was just as tired as those floors as my mom was. I decided to spend a little more on the floor and opted to go with these mosaic tiles.

      First, we laid down backerboard and secured it down to the floor with adhesive and screws. Once that was down we were ready for tile. While my dad laid down the tiles, I cut the tiles; this really made the tiling go a lot faster vs. me doing it all on my own.

      Ridged Tile Saw

      I've raved about my tile saw many times before and I still love that thing. Its accuracy with cuts is spot on and it makes tiling projects so much easier.

      laying tile

      We were able to get all of the tile laid over two days. Once the thin set was dry, I grouted the tile with pre-mixed grout. I opted to go with white because I wanted to mute the floor a bit. As you can see below, the grout definitely toned it down a bit and gave me the look I was searching for.

      Tiling Floor

      To complete the floor I sealed it to make sure the floor stays nice and clean.

      Installing Tub and Shower | Bathroom Reno

      In order to get the shower space ready for the tub, we had to add in a few 2x4s so that the tub would fit, once we got the area ready, we called one of our friendly plumbers to come set the tub. He came in one afternoon and got it all set up for us.

      Bathroom Reno

      Once it was set in place, we were able to screw the tub to the 2x4s and start adding the backer board.


      Once the backer board was all secured down with screws, we started waterproofing the board using Redgard; it's also recommended that you cover the seams with tape and thin set to make sure the seams are completely secured.

      The porcelain tile I used looked amazing but was extremely affordable. I splurged on the floor, so I used something more affordable on the shower but you'd never know it because it still looks great.

      bathroom shower tile

      We let the RedGard dry for 24 hours and then we were ready to tile. This tiling process was similar to the last except it was on the wall. I wanted to lay the tiles vertical straight to make the shower feel like it was all one piece. 

      This was my first time using these spacers and I absolutely loved them; definitely will be using these spacers again.

      bathroom remodel white tile

      I used the same grout that I used on the tile floor. I didn't want the lines to be visible so I opted for white and man does it look good.

      With all of this hard work, I couldn't just slap a shower curtain up here, so I decided to add this sliding shower door and I'm so glad I did! It definitely elevated the look of the shower. It was the perfect match to the Kohler 3-Spray Wall-Mount Tub and Shower Faucet.

      Frameless shower door

      Replacing the Doors | Bathroom Reno

      With replacing everything, we couldn't forget about the doors and man did these doors really change up the feel of the room. I went with these 5 paneled doors and I just love the look of them.

      We were able to hang these pretty easily. They are pre-hung doors, so we just placed it in the door frame, set it with shims and secured it back to the frame.

      Door Trim Kit

      We found these door trim kits at The Home. Depot and decided to trim out all the doors with these kits.

      door reno

      Installing Wainscoting | Bathroom Reno

      With all of the heavy lifting out of the way, it was time to add some character to the space. I decided to add wainscoting to the walls to give it a little flair.

      wainscoting in a Bathroom Reno

      I used 1x3 select pine for the bottom wainscoting and attached it to the wall using a brad nailer. Once it was attached, I used caulk and wood filler to fill all of the cracks and holes.

      wainscoting painted dark navy

      Once the wallpaper was installed, I added a 1x2 trim piece to the top to finish it off. My mom mentioned that she likes blue, so I decided to paint the wainscoting with this dark navy. I usually use a higher sheen when I'm painting in bathrooms because of the moisture.

      Installing the Toilet | Bathroom Reno

      Now most people wouldn't get excited over a toilet but I did with this bathroom renovation because I was so excited to try this toilet out. Additionally, I absolutely fell in love with the color when I first saw it and I knew it would be the perfect color to bring some good contrast to my design.

      Toilet install

      Aside from the color, the one thing that really impressed me about this toilet was the system in which it's installed. The system underneath is independent from the toilet, so it made it really easy to take off the toilet without having to remove the wax ring. 

      I also like that its a little wider and taller; as my parents get older they will appreciate it for sure!

      kohler toilet in sandbar

      I knew this would be the perfect addition to my design and I couldn't be more happier with this addition.

      Building a Custom Cabinet | Bathroom Reno

      My mom previously had a big linen cabinet in her bathroom and wanted to keep it, so I opted to give her a more modern sleek cabinet. I decided to lower it to make the room feel a bit larger.

      shaker stock cabinet

      To create the cabinet, I used two shaker style wall cabinets to create one full cabinet. This saved loads of time, as I was on a tight timeline.

      shaker cabinet

      In order to make it look like one cabinet, I added a bottom wood piece and a middle wood piece, so that when I attached them together it would look like a solid piece when painted.

      custom shaker cabinet

      Then I added trim on the two sides to bring it all together. I used caulk and spackle to fill in all of the cracks and holes.

      Bathroom Reno custom cabinet

      With the wainscoting being blue and the vanity white, I wanted to break it up a bit and choose a color similar to the toilet to ground everything. I decided on this color Behr Grey Mist and I really like how it played off the existing colors.

      Finishing Touches | Bathroom Reno

      I always enjoy seeing a room coming together and I was anxious to get to this part of the bathroom reno. I bought this wallpaper a few months back for my pantry, but couldn't use it.

      When this bathroom reno came up I knew immediately that I wanted to use it here. It elevated this bathroom for sure and was such a good match to my other design choices.

      wallpaper in bathroom

      I also have to rave about this Semi-Flush Mount Light because this has to be the brightest light I've ever installed. It brought in so much light which is a great choice for a smaller space.

      Being that the light, mirror and bathroom fixtures were gold, I didn't want the vanity area to be overwhelmed with more gold, so I found these Acrylic pulls that were the perfect addition to the vanity and the area as a whole.

      Bathroom Reno

      With everything in place, we added in the Kohler 4-Light 47 in. Sconce and Kohler 28" Round Decorative Mirrors; it was a perfect match to the Kohler Devonshire Bathroom Faucets.

      The great thing about this vanity countertop was that it had a hint of purple which really contrasted well with the blue wainscoting and the wallpaper.

      bathroom reno

      Now you may be wondering, "what would something like this cost?" Well here is a breakdown of everything. Some of my items were on the high end, so if you're on a tighter budget you can swap out items for something more affordable, but here is my specific breakdown.

      Cost Breakdown | Bathroom Reno

       Bathroom Reno Products Cost
      Mosaic Floor Tile $1418
      Tile Accesories $284
      Porcelain Wall Tile $241
      Kohler Harken Double Vanity
      Kohler Single Flush Toilet $1566
      Kohler Elmbrook Alcove Bathtub 
      Kohler Tub and Shower Faucet
      Kohler Toilet Paper Holder $29
      Kohler 28" Round Mirror $195
      Kohler LED Semi-Flush Mount $1249
      Kohler 4-Light 47 in. Sconce $869
      Kohler 24 in. Towel Bar
      Kohler Bathroom Faucet $854
      Kohler Sliding Tub Door
      Double Sink Vanity Countertop $498
      Shaker Style Cabinets $340
      Wainscotting/Door Trim $560
      Wallpaper $170
      Plumber Services $550
      3 Five Paneled Doors $890
      Acrylic Pulls $62
      Paint and Brushes/Rollers $175
      Outlets/Switches and Covers $35
      Miscellaneous Items  $500
      Total Cost $13768

      The Final Reveal

      Now for the moment you all have been waiting for; the final reveal. 

      Bathroom Renovation and Remodel

      This bathroom came out exactly how I envisioned it and in some cases even better than I imagined. My parents are super happy with how it turned out and very grateful for their new bathroom.

      Bathroom Reno

      Overall, I was extremely impressed with the Kohler products that I used in this bathroom renovation. They have some solid pieces and the pictures tell it all.

      Bathroom Renovation and Remodel

      But the toilet just does it for me. It's such a statement piece and I love that its something different. I was able to tie it all in and it really makes the room pop.

      Bathroom Renovation and Remodel

      If you have been on the fence about wallpaper, I'm hoping this design gets you closer to adding it into your spaces because it is a game changer.

      Bathroom Renovation and Remodel

      As always, thanks for reading guys! XOXO Ashley

      February 03, 2022 — Ashley Basnight
      Paint Project with Behr | Craft Room Organization

      Paint Project with Behr | Craft Room Organization

      "This craft room is getting a lot more colorful with Behr Dynasty paint."

      I have been wanting to tackle my craft room for quite some time and I'm excited that I finally get the chance to do so. Since my craft room is half my assistant's office, I really wanted to make it a fun and colorful space. So I went and picked out several vibrant Behr paint colors to transform my space.

      "There are some affiliate links in this post, meaning I get a small commission if you purchase through these links, at no cost to you. Click Here to read my full disclosure."

      Colors Used

      • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Sunwashed Brick
      • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Breezeway
      • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Studio Clay
      • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Shiny Kettle
      • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Potter's Clay
      • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Sustainable
      • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Orange Flambe


      The Before

      As always, I like to take a good look at the before before diving into the project. Like most of my rooms in the house, they are plain white; this room was no different.

      Craft Room Makeover with Behr Paint

      I hope you're ready for a total transformation, because it's about to get a lot more colorful in this room.

      Craft Room Organization Makeover

      The Process

      Painting the Walls

      First, I started off with painting the walls with sunwashed brick, the lighter pink color. I knew this would be the perfect pink for the surrounding room. Then I went back over the sunwashed brick and created an arch using the color shiny kettle.

      I utilized painter's tape to make sure the arch was nice and straight. I also utilized a laser level to make sure the tape was straight on the lines.

      Craft Room Paint

      I also utilized painter's tape to create shapes on the wall. This particular painters tape is for delicate surfaces and I like to use this kind when Im taping on walls that are already painted.

      Craft Room Paint

      The ceiling is probably the most coolest but most tedious part of this project. I knew this would totally elevate the project, but man did my neck and arms hurt after this one.

      First, I used a pencil to sketch out the lines and then went back with a paint brush and the color breezeway to create this groovy ceiling.

      I purchased this ladder specifically for this project and I was so glad I did; the project bucket that's attached to the ladder was great for holding my different paints and eliminated me having to take additional trips up and down the ladder. I would definitely recommend for your future paint projects.

      Behr Paint breezeway and sunwashed brick in craft room

      Painting the Murals

      I knew I wanted to incorporate some type of mural, so I decided to incorporate two drawings on my wall.

      The first drawing I saw on amazon on a canvas print, and I knew I wanted to draw this on my wall, it was the perfect addition to my craft room.

      Black girl mural

      The mural I added on the corner wall was created in Canva first to make sure I knew exactly what was going on the wall. Here is my mockup of the drawing.Its a lot easier to draw something when you have a reference photo versus trying to draw from memory, or at least it is for me.

      Mural Mockup

      I used my craft paint pen to draw the murals on the wall and I was highly impressed with how good the black paint pen was. It made the drawings look great.

      Switching out the Ceiling Fan

      When I picked these original ceiling fans out for my house, I knew I would be changing them out down the line. I was super excited to get this fan switched out. I originally bought this new gold fan because I thought it would be great for a mural wall and I was right.

      Ceiling Fan before and after

      This ceiling fan was the perfect addition to my craft room. If you are interested in the ceiling fan, check it out here.

      Staging the Craft Room

      Most people I talk to are always surprised when I tell them that I get a lot of my home decor from Home Depot but don't sleep on them because they have tons of furniture options online.


      The Final Reveal

      The final look came out better than I ever could have imagined. I was able to pull off the look I was going for and the room looks super unique.

      Craft Room Paint

      All of these paint colors were a part of Behr Dynasty's 2022 lineup and they go so well together!

      I was able to throw in a few murals to give the room a little flavor and it was the perfect addition to the room!

      Craft Room Organization ceiling painted with Behr Paint breezeway

      One of my other favorite features is the pink arch! I wanted to make the desk area stand out so I added this arch detail to give it the right touch.

      Behr paint craft room breezeway and unwashed brick

      and I can't let you go without a few before and afters. I am so happy with how this room turned out!

      Craft Room Makeover with Behr paint

      all of the colors worked so well together and I really enjoyed using Behr paint for this project.

      Behr paint unwashed brick and breezeway

      The best part is that paint is always an affordable way to update a space, so it didn't break the bank to bring this room to life!

      Craft Room Painted Arch with Behr SUnwashed Brick

      Thanks for reading guys, XOXO Ashley.

      January 11, 2022 — Ashley Basnight
      DIY Accent Walls for Home Improvement

      6 DIY Accent Walls | Home Improvement

      Accent Walls are the perfect addition for any room.

      Accent walls are such a simple project that can completely transform your wall. I have done many DIY projects to add character to my walls, and you can do it too! 

      Here are 6 different accent wall tutorials  that you'll absolutely love. Let's get into it!

      6 Accent Walls | Home Improvement

      Brick Accent Wall

      This thin brick wall project is a wall installation that will immediately add character to any room. Even if you've never worked with brick before, I promise you that you can still accomplish this project! If you want to add this brick accent wall into your home using thin bricks, check out the tutorial for this fun project here.


      DIY Wall Paneling Install

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      Guest Bedroom Makeover

      This bedroom makeover has been one of my favorites, and the accent wall makes it even better! This wall is done with pine boards installed vertically. This simplistic idea is budget friendly and will make a huge difference in your room. Check out the plan here


      Arch Nook Makeover

      This shiplap paneling is a beautiful addition to an empty space that will provide a modern, clean look to any wall. It's a fun project that will add character and design to any plain space in your home. Check out the plan here, and try it yourself!


      DIY Wall Paneling

      This DIY Paneled Wall added the perfect amount of character to my living room. The diamond design does a really good job at making sure that happened. Check out the plan here, and add some character to your own wall! 

      December 20, 2021 — Ashley Basnight
      10 Home Improvement Projects

      10 Home Improvement Projects

      "Looking to update your homes? Check out these home improvement makeovers."

      Sometimes your house can start to feel plain and boring, and that's when an update is needed! If you're looking to improve your home, then you came to the right spot. You can refresh your home with these DIY building plans! 

      Small Pantry Makeover | Organization and Storage

      The pantry is one of the most important parts of the kitchen, but it is also one of the hardest to keep up with. Thankfully, there's an easy fix to get your pantry to look more organized and provide more storage! Check out this tutorial for some pantry organization tips here.

      Guest Bedroom Makeover | Installing an Accent Wall

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      Bathroom Refresh Makeover

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      Arch Nook Makeover - Installing Shiplap

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      Brick Accent Wall - Installing Thin Brick and Grouting

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      DIY Mirrored Wall

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