"Who knew garage floor epoxy could look so good."

My love for epoxy floors begin back at my old home when I had my epoxy guy do my garage floors. Getting my floors done here at the Lake House was a must because I have loved my epoxy floors ever since I had them installed.

Luckily, I was blessed to have the awesome Mr. Epoxy of MTCustomConcrete come out and install my epoxy floors.

The Installation

Prep Floor

The first step was removing the existing surface off of the floor. Anything underneath the epoxy would cause the epoxy to fail if it ever failed, so I wanted to start from a clean slate.

Grinding the surface took most of the time of the whole install, they spent most of the day doing this.

Grinding off garage floor for epoxy

Power Wash the Floor

Once the floor was all grinder off, Mr. Epoxy took his pressure washer and cleaned off the surface really good. This was a pretty quick step, but he did have to let it all dry before proceeding to the next step.

Pour Floor Epoxy

Once the floor was dry, he started pouring the epoxy. He probably spent around 45 minutes pouring and laying out the epoxy. Once it was laid, he let the epoxy dry overnight.

Pouring Epoxy

Seal the Floor

 After the epoxy dried overnight, they came back the next day to seal the floor. This was a pretty quick 30-minute process and I was able to walk on my floors by the end of the next day.

Pouring Epoxy

Overall, I am super happy with my epoxy floors and I would highly recommend them to anyone working in their shop/garage.

Thanks for reading guys! XOXO Ashley


June 18, 2022 — Ashley Basnight