Lately I have been on a wood panel kick; so I decided to share four different ways to implement wood paneling in your home that feels fresh and fun!

Some people may not be a fan of slat walls because it is a little trendy; but Im always a girl that encourages people to just go with what they love and I absolutely love them. today Im diving into several projects where I was able to utilize slat walls in my home.

Wood Paneling for the Movie Room

One of my favorite rooms in my home is my movie room; and a big reason for that is the wood paneling that I installed. These Luxe panels were the perfect match for this space and I really loved that these particular panels were a little wider in size. Typically they come a little smaller, but this company made a great on adding a wider sized option.

Wood PanelingI really love the versatility of the panels as well. I was able to use this as a backsplash for my movie room bar.

Slat Walls

Pre-Finished Wood Oak Slats

Now these pre-finished wood oak slats are hands down my favorite because there is even more flexibility with these slats. They come in a smaller size so you can manipulate and maneuver them to use them however you'd like.

Slat wall

 Now these do require a little more work; but if you have taller walls or a furniture piece, these pre-finished oak boards are perfect for those types of projects.

Slat wall using wood paneling

Click Here to see the full tutorial on this slat wall!

Wood Looking Tile - Japandi

Now, Ive never seen wood paneling look this good and there is a slight reason for that! Here I used a wood looking tile called Japandi. It gives the look of wood paneling but it's made for bathrooms! She is a Stunner.

Bathroom Japandi Wall Paneling

Light Wood Panels for a Guest Oasis

I figured I'd leave you guys with the last room in my home that I will be utilizing paneling; but I haven't actually brought it to life yet. So I'm sharing, for the first time, my design rendering of my guest room. I will be using a light colored wall paneling to bring this design to life. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Wall Panel Design Rendering

 As always, thanks for reading guys!

February 10, 2024 — Ashley Basnight