"Create the Perfect Custom DIY Closet for Your Space"

Building your own custom closet is something that I know all to well. Last year, I took on a huge DIY project and tackled my huge master closet build in my last custom home. So it was only right to build a DIY closet in my new home; except this time; there was a twist. This closet would be strictly for my shoes!


  • 5 sheets - 4' x 8' Plywood Sheets
  • 1x2x8' Select Pine Boards
  • Shiplap Boards
  • Brad Nails
  • Wood Glue
  • 3" Wood Screws
  • Caulk
  • Aria Vent 
  • Behr Paint: Hi-Gloss, Premium Plus, Color: Retro Pink



The Before

As you can see, this closet really needed some love and since my bathroom has three closets, I decided to dedicate one especially for my shoes. A girl has gotta have a spot for her shoes.

DIY Closet BuildThis closet was originally used as a regular closet, so I decided to modernize it a bit and create an amazing storage solution for my shoes.

DIY Closet BuildI knew I didn't have a ton of space to work with; so I really wanted to utilize the vertical space and create built-ins that would extend all the way up the wall. 

Building the DIY Closet 

In order to start the shoe closet I first started building the bases for them to sit on. I personally like casing my closet builds out with trim and building these bases beforehand allows me to do that.

With some 2x4s, I measured the length of the space and assembled this base with construction screws and then used my stud finder to find the studs and secured it to the wall.

Build Master ClosetI also went ahead and installed the shiplap boards because I knew I wanted them to sit behind the wall units. Once the frames were in place, I started assembling the closet units. I decided to assemble this outside of the space to make things easier. I was low on space; so I assembled the units together using plywood sheets cut down and pocket hole screws. My Kreg jig came in handy on this project.

Building DIY ClosetOnce the closet units were built, I brought them into the space to make sure they fit properly. Once I had them in the space; I used my level and some scrap wood to make sure they were perfectly level and then secured the closet units to the studs using my construction screws.

Building DIY ClosetBeing that these units are the main frame of the closet build, you want to make sure that these are properly secured to the wall studs. Once the two closet units were secured to the wall, I used my brad nailer to nail the two units together for extra hold and support.

how to build a diy closet

With the units secured, it was time to add in the shelving and face frames. The face framing always makes the build look more custom. I cut down the shelving to size and then attached them to the closet unit with pocket hole screws. I based my shelving size on the sizing of my personal shoe collection to best fit my needs.

How to build a diy closetOnce the face frames were all in; it was time to move on to the flooring! If you are interested in seeing other closet builds that I've built, be sure to check out Phase 1 and Phase 2 of my master closet build.

Installing the Flooring

I decided to go with the same flooring that I installed in my studio because I absolutely loved the color. If you want more info on the exact flooring; check out my flooring install post here. I had to utilize my jigsaw for one vent cut; but the rest of the install went fairly quickly.

Installing Cali FlooringI really love this flooring because it's easy to install and super durable. It took me about an hour to get the floor down and on to the next step.Installing FlooringI also opted to use a fancy vent cover to make it feel a little more modernized. I used this aria vent and I absolutely love the look if it. Bye Bye old vent covers.

Installing Cali FlooringOnce the floor was in, I couldn't help but to pull my arched mirror in to see how it would look in there and this got me so excited to get this project done; I mean look at it!

Prep and Paint

With everything all built, it was time to paint the cabinets. I opted to use my Graco paint sprayer because it always leaves a clean finish. Any time I am using a pint sprayer I always use Behr's Premium Plus paint because it's a good line for sprayers. 

Of course I decided to go for a fun and bold color, and yes this was decided before the barbie movie came out! I knew I wanted a blush color and finally landed on Retro Pink by Behr. 

DIY Closet BuildI was able to fully paint the cabinets with two coats and got a nice finish. Once everything was all painted, I installed the drawers I built and created these reeded drawer fronts for a special little touch.

DIY Closet RevealI made sure to remove the drawers before painting to make sure I could get all around the drawers and then left the actual drawers natural. Now this color is pink, pink and my friend Steve happened to be wearing the same color pink when he came to check the closet out; so I had to snag a photo of him.

DIY Closet BuildGreat minds must think alike.

The Final Reveal

With the drawer fronts installed, the DIY shoe closet was complete and I must say, it was a huge step up from the previous closet. Now I have a special place for all of my shoes. I don't see me running out of shoe closet space anytime soon.

DIY Closet BuildThe pink really was the perfect choice and my shoes fit in the custom cabinets perfectly. Im so glad I decided to base the sizing off my current collection. If you are debating whether to build your own custom closet, I must say that it is well worth the work because I absolutely love my new closet.

DIY Closet BuildI hope you guys enjoyed this post and as always, thanks for reading guys! XOXO Ashley

August 31, 2023 — Ashley Basnight