"New vinyl floors are in the building; and it feels so good."

If you guys have been following along on my journey to get my studio together; than you're going to love this project because Cali Floors is really helping my transform this studio space.


The Before

I always like to look at the before photo first, just so I can soak in just how big the transformation is. This studio space was only just a room of studs when I bought this house but now with the completion of the flooring it is a fun, creative space where I can bring my ideas to life.

Studio Before

Flooring Info

I decided to go with these beautiful Cali Floors in DOVER BEACH because I wanted a similar look to the wood floors in my last house. I was able to order a few samples first and then ultimately decided to go with the Dover Beach color.

Flooring InstallationIf you are interested in these floors but don't want to commit first you can order a few samples with the code "FREESAMPLE" and check out the flooring in person before pulling the plug.

Cali Flooring Dover Beach XL

The good thing about these floors are that they are 100% waterproof and simple to clean; being that I will be utilizing this space for my office I wanted something super durable. It's protective wear layer helps prevent scratches and it also features a built-in underlayment cushion for quieter rooms.


Now let's talk about the installation process. Luckily, with the click-lock planks installation was a breeze. I was able to install the flooring right out of the box. I really loved that the planks were extra-large as well, at  60” long, 9” wide, and 3/16” thick because it really made the space look and feel luxurious.

Cali Floors Underlayment

I first started out by laying the green CALI Complete underlaymentThis all-in-one underlayment is designed for moisture and vapor protection for all subfloors and floor types. It was easy to lay down and makes me feel that much better about floor protection.

Ryobi Flooring SawI utilized the Ryobi flooring cutter to cut the boards and they cut them with ease; this lightweight saw cut down on floor installation time for sure. I was Abe to knock out this flooring project in two days with the help of my friend.

Once I was able to get all of the flooring installed, I started to work on the dropdown. I first used liquid nails to attach the flooring to the dropdown step and then added a cap piece to cover the edge.

Flooring InstallationI waited to get all of the furniture in before doing this part of the flooring so I didn't mess up the stair nosing but I was so excited to get this part of the flooring done; it was the missing piece.

Flooring dropdown

Installation Video

Seeing is believing; so check out this short clip of me installing the floor in my studio space.

Final Reveal

Without further a due, here is the moment you guys have been waiting for; the final flooring reveal. Man O Man, this pace has come a long way from the day of studs. I am so grateful for Cali floors for helping me bring my studio to life and am really excited about all of the fun tasks I will get to do on my new vinyl flooring.

Cali floors vinyl flooring install

The best part of it all is; not only does it look amazing but it's practical and durable as well. So I'm getting the best of both worlds with this new vinyl plank flooring.

Installing Vinyl Flooring

The color of the vinyl planks couldn't have been the more perfect color for this space; it goes along so well with all of the vibrant colors in the studio.

Studio Flooring

This is definitely a project that I was excited to get finished because it really helped me bring my studio space to life; now I'm ready to tackle all of the upcoming projects that I have in the works.

Cali Floors

This open space was the perfect spot to install this vinyl plank flooring; and with all of the photoshoots and filming I will be doing up there; these floors have been the perfect match.

StudioAs Always, Thanks for reading guys. XOXO Ashley

February 18, 2023 — Ashley Basnight