"A Dining Room makeover with a whole lot of color."

I am so excited to share this project with you guys because I love tackling projects where I introduce bold colors and fun patterns. Who's ready for a dining room makeover!?

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The Before

Looking at this blank dining space really was making me sad because I am a girl who loves color and the thought of this space being so dull and boring made me that more excited to make it over.

Dining Room MakeoverIt's a really good space with lots of room, but it just wasn't giving; it was in desperate need of an upgrade.

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The Design Plan

After searching for furniture and decor online on the Home Depot website; I had a really hard time narrowing down my selections because there were so many great finds! Most of you know I'm a rattan girl; and Home Depot had so many decor choices for rattan. 

My personal favorite was the Arched Rattan Mirror and the 3 Piece Rattan Baskets. Items like these are so cool to me because you can find so many uses for them! But I think we can all agree that the highlight of this room are those amazing dining chairs. I always pick one item to base my design off of, and when I saw these chairs; I knew they would serve as my main design inspo.

Once I narrowed down some decor selections; I started creating a 3D mockup of how I wanted the space to look and this got me ready to get going.

Dining Room MakeoverI have recently been on this rattan kick and home depot had so many decor items with rattan; I may have gone overboard but it turned out great, so I'm a happy girl.

Wood Slat Wall and Wallpaper Installation

I really wanted to create a fun and bold room; so I knew I had to find a really fun wallpaper to bring this room to life. I am a huge fan of mixing colors and textures together and I knew this would be the best fit for the dining space.

Chasing Paper and Wood Slat Wall

Check out the full wallpaper and wood slat wall installation tutorial for details:

Wallpaper Installation Tutorial

Wood Slat Wall Installation Tutorial

Styling the Room

Now let's talk about the fun part; styling the room. Check out all of the fun items that I was able to find to dress up my dining space. Not only were they quality items but they were very affordable as well.

The Final Reveal

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for; the final reveal. Here it is:

Dining Room Design Ashley Basnight Home Depot

I can't believe just how amazing this makeover turned out; I was blown away with how all of the colors and decor came together.

Dining Room Design Ashley Basnight Home DepotGoing bold can sometimes be a risk but man was it a worthwhile risk because I am in love with my new dining space.

Dining Room Design Ashley Basnight Home DepotThe quality of The Home Depot decor items really elevated the space in a major way and I am ready to get to shopping for the next makeover!

Dining Room Design Ashley Basnight Home Depot

All in all, I'm so glad I decided to go bold and I cant wait to host my next party. Thanks for reading guys, XOXO Ashley.

As always, thanks for reading guys.

May 22, 2023 — Ashley Basnight