Shiplap Faux Fireplace with Limewash and Chalk Paint

Faux Fireplace with Hidden Storage

A Faux Fireplace with a touch of Shiplap, show me more!

I have always been a fan of a cozy fireplace, so this faux fireplace with storage was a no brainer. My home didn't come equipped with a fireplace so I thought; why not make my own? Luckily, my good friends over at Home Depot helped to make my faux fireplace come to life!

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Shiplap Faux Fireplace with Limewash and Chalk Paint

One thing I wanted to make sure of was not to  waste all that space on the hearth, so I decided to turn mine into storage. Perfect for DVDs, books or anything you want to store in there.
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The drawers were a breeze with my Kreg Drawer slide Jigs and my beloved Kreg Jig (Of Course) and I was super excited about the soft-close ball-bearing drawer slides. I am obsessed!
Kreg Drawer Slide Jig   
After building this I thought man, Im not too shabby (humble brag).  Honestly, part of me just wanted to leave it like this...but that wasnt going to happen.Faux Fireplace
This was my first time I used MDF and man did I like working with it. Definitely much easier to paint, by far!
One of the most enjoyable parts of this faux fireplace with storage was painting the brick! This was my first time using this Romabio lime wash and it was super easy to apply! I really love how the limewash keeps that brick feel.
Paint can sometimes drown it out, so if you want a real defined brick look, limewash is the way to go. To see how I created the first look click here. The limewash is great for interior and exterior brick and it made my faux brick really come to life.
Bianco White Romabio Limewash
I am a HUGE fan of chalk paint and this RUST-OLEUM Chalk Paint didn't disappoint me! I used some aged gray chalk paint just to give the brick a little Flaaava; sooooooo glad I did! 
Rustoleum Chalk Paint
This build was also my first time using a paint sprayer and I'm trying to figure out why no one told me about using one of these before.
    Faux Fireplace
Painting is sooooooooooooooo much easier with one and it turns out clean. The Wagner Flexio 590 was super easy to set up, and I was super pleased with the paint job! I will be using this baby on the rest of my paint projects for sure!
Wagner Flexio 590

Now head on over to the Home Depot Blog to check out how I created this Faux Fireplace with storage.

Happy Building!