Hidden Shoe Cabinet provides storage for shoes

Hidden Shoe Cabinet

Hidden Shoe Storage never looked so good with this shoe cabinet.

 A shoe cabinet is one thing, but a cabinet with hidden shoe storage? Well that's a whole notha' ball game. I am so excited to share today's build because it showcases one thing that I love A LOT. I mean love more than getting off work on a Friday love; that's right. A hidden shoe cabinet!!
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Hidden Shoe Cabinet provides storage for shoes
 Are you a crazy shoe lady that hoards pairs and pairs of shoes? Because I am. I have sooooo many shoes in my closet, and don't ask me how many of them I actually wear. Lets just say that ratio is definitely not what it should be, Ha!
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Hidden Shoe Cabinet provides storage for shoes
 Because I am a shoe hoarder, and I know I'm not alone, I thought what better thing to build than a hidden shoe storage. But I decided to go a step further and make it hidden in a buffet cabinet. Its like Heaven on Earth! This baby holds 16 pairs of shoes; my closet is glad to have it's space back. If you want to be a shoe cabinet maker, you have come to the right place.
Hidden Shoe Cabinet provides storage for shoes
 The best part is I have partnered with Build Something , Kreg's DIY project plan site, to bring you the free plans! But before you head over check out some building tips and my process of building this shoe cabinet.
Kreg Jig Foreman creating pocket holesKreg Jig Drilling Pocket Holes
 Honestly I love any project that lets me use my new Kreg DB210 Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine, Blue I love that thing. This thing makes me feel like a spoiled child. Its amazing how fast I can spit out those pocket holes; but I don't want my Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System to get jealous so I let it be a part of the party too. Both tools are great and definitely get the job done!
Hidden Shoe Cabinet
I think its safe to say that pocket holes just makes life easier! I don't think there is one build that I haven't used pocket holes on. It makes assembly easy and clean. If you're wanting to take your building to the next level this is a tool to have in your arsenal.
Hidden Shoe Cabinet
 This was such a fun build! As you can see halfway through the build I was already ready to fill this hidden shoe storage cabinet with my shoes. Lets just say my closet has been a little crowded!
When choosing the measurements for my drawers I made them based on my shoe size and heels height, so feel free to customize the pull-out shelves to fit your shoes, purses, etc. 
Hidden Shoe Cabinet
I was a little nervous about these pull out drawers because it was my first time using metal drawer slides, but of course Kreg comes to the rescue once again with these awesome Kreg Tool Drawer Slide Jig. Honestly, installing the drawer slides were way easier than I anticipated thanks to this drawer slide jig.   
Hidden Shoe cabinet being made using the Kreg Drawer Jig
 Once the shoe cabinet was all built I used DAP Wood Filler to fill all the holes. I use a putty knife (sometimes my fingers) to apply it to the holes and any openings I want filled. Highly recommend this stuff. It is my go to.
DAP Wood Filler being used on a cabinet for filling nail holes
 For the Finish, I used a custom stain that is one of my favorites. The stain is a mixture of Minwax Classic Grey and Minwax Dark Walnut. I used about 60% of this larger quart can in Classsic Grey and then dumbed the smaller can of Dark Walnut into the Classic grey, mixed it together and WAAA-LAAAh- Vintage Grey, or atleast that's what I call it! :)
Minwax Wood Stain Classic Grey and Provincial

Now, head on over to Build Something for the FREE PLANS!

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