"A wall of mirrors is a statement piece you'll never forget."

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I am so excited to share this project with you guys because I have been over the moon about my bedroom being finished. This Lake House renovation has already been a wild ride and I'm happy to finally have a space complete.

Today, I'm sharing all of the details on how I was able to bring this mirror wall to life and how Discover Personal Loans helped me get the job done! 

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Step 2: Installing the Wall Trim

To kick the wall off, I started by installing 1x3 trim. I cut it down to size on my miter saw and then fastened it to the wall with a bead of liquid nails on the back and then secured it in place using my brad nailer and 2" brad nails.

Wall paneling installedI decided to only do half of the wall because I wanted to bring a luxury feel to the room without overwhelming the space. A full wall in the bedroom would have been a little too much, but halfway down gives the space just the right amount of “wow” factor.

Step 3: Cutting and Installing Mirrors

Once the 1x3 trim was installed, I started fitting in the mirrors. This was probably the most tedious part of the project, but also the most fun because I love learning new techniques.

Using glass cutters, I first would score the mirrors where they needed to be cut and then popped them on the line that I scored.

Each of my mirrors were approximately 19" x 21", so they were a pretty good size.

Mirrored Wall

Once I cut the mirrored glass down to size, I installed them by added 9 beads of mirror adhesive to the back of the mirror and placed the mirrors in the appropriate slots.

I fit the mirrors in the dedicated holes first to make sure they fit and then installed them on the wall.

Mirrored wallI was able to get all of my mirrored glass from a local hardware store; I had to go to a few places to get 24 of them but eventually was able to get them all. They typically don't carry that many in stock at one store, so it took a few road trips to get enough (especially after breaking a few) but it was well worth it.

The good news is if you don't feel comfortable cutting the glass yourself; they will cut it for you for free; if you purchase their mirrors. However, if you go this route, be prepared for it to take a while.

I had them cut the first couple of mirrors but quickly learned that it would be way faster to just cut them on my own, so I decided to learn how to cut the mirrors myself. Either way, you have options.

Mirror Wall

They have two sizes available; both 24" x 30" and 30" x 36". I had to get both in order to have enough for this particular project but I will say that it was easier to cut from the bigger sheet.

Both mirrored glass sizes are priced well compared to what I've seen out there, I was quoted over $2k by two different sources to have them custom cut but I only spent around $700 to use these mirrors.

Step 4: Installing Top Trim

Once I started fitting in mirrors, it was time to add the top trim. I decided to do double trim to add dimension to the wall and I knew the color combo of black and white would look so good against the brown.

diy mirror wallI painted the trim black first and then installed it directly over the white trim. I installed it using 2" brad nails and my brad nailer.

Step 5: Adding Bottom Wall

Once the mirror wall trim was up, I started working on the bottom half of the wall. Because the mirror portion of the wall protruded out a bit, I wanted to also bring out the bottom portion of the wall to make things proportionate.

mirror wallOriginally, I wanted the wall to come out a little more but my original plan didn't work out, so I opted to add a 3/4" board to the wall, to make sure the wall was proportionate.

I attached the board to the wall with 3" construction screws and liquid nails to make sure the wall was securely in place and then painted it with Behr paint in the color Caffeine to match the rest of the room.


Paint Colors Used

  • Behr Paint Plus: "Caffeine" in Eggshell
  • Behr Dynasty Paint: "Smokey Cream" in Eggshell
  • Behr Paint Plus: "Etched Glass" in Hi-Gloss
  • Behr Paint Plus: "Blackout" in Hi-Gloss

Tools Used

Step 6: Style the Room

Now for the fun part, styling the room. Here are all the sources for the furniture I used to really make this room come alive!

The Final Reveal

Now that we've gone over all of the details, it's now time for the final reveal, so here it is.

Mirrored Wall

Excited is an understatement; I am over the moon with how this mirror wall turned out. It came out exactly as I envisioned it.

Most of you who followed along, saw the 3D rendering I did before I started the room and I must say, I hit it out of the park, because it looks almost identical to how I planned it (with a few minor changes).

If you're curious how I bring my 3D renderings to life, I share all of the details in my "Software to Success" Ebook here.

Mirrored Wall Tutorial

But to also remember where this room came from is amazing to me. Total night and day difference from where we started.

Mirror Wall Before Photo

I'm probably most excited about that wallpaper trim being gone, because it was so outdated and this room was giving 80s vibes.

Mirror wall Tutorial

I must say, as much as I had confidence in myself, I was excited to see how the mirror wall was going to come to life and it far exceeded my expectations.

Mirrored WallThe inspiration for this mirror wall was the wall in my previous house; I loved it so much that I knew I had to bring it to the Lake House.

Mirror WallI didn't want to do the exact same thing, so I decided to put it in the bedroom and really add some depth with the double paneling and I'm not disappointed. The mirror wall really is a statement piece.

Mirror Wall

All in all, I am so excited about this mirror wall and even more excited that my room is that much closer to being complete and a big huge shout out to Discover Personal Loans for helping me bring this project to life.

Mirrored Wall

As always, Thanks for reading guys, XOXO Ashley.

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August 08, 2022 — Ashley Basnight