"A bonus room transformation you won't forget featuring Behr Paint."

I always love getting to use paint to transform a room because it's one of the most inexpensive ways to make a lasting impact on a room. I wanted to really bring this studio bonus room space to life and I knew a little bit of love and Behr paint would do the job.

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Colors Used

Materiels/Tools Used

The Before

I always love transforming rooms with paint, because there are so many creative ways to make a room come to life with different colors. The even better part is that it's one of the most inexpensive ways to bring forth a transformation. Let's take a look at how the room looked before the transformation.

Empty bonus room

I really wanted this bonus room have a fun but sophisticated feel. I had planned on using this room as a space where I could conduct business meetings and just a place to kind of unwind, so I wanted it to feel like a creative space where I could come up with ideas but also have a chill vibe.

Behr Dynasty paint

As you can see, this room was as simple as they come. It definitely needed some pizazz, so with a little help from Behr paint, I took on the challenge to bring this space to life.

Step 1: Adding Wall Paneling and Painting using Behr Deep Veridian

I first started off by adding paneling to the walls; I really wanted to add some depth to the room and I knew painting half the room a bold color would do the trick.

blank room with wall paneling

I cut the wood down to size using my miter saw and then attached the trim to the walls using Liquid Nails and 2" brad nails. Here I am using 1x3 select pine boards.

Room with wainscoting and trim painted Behr paint deep veridian

Once I added the wood trim, I went ahead and painted the walls with Behr Deep Veridian S400-7. I knew I would need two coats, so I found it easier to go ahead and paint the wall before applying the trim in the middle.

This Deep Veridian S400-7 was the perfect pop of green for this room and I knew it would be the perfect match for my green sectional. Usually with walls, I like to go with matte for the sheen, but being that I am painting trim, I used Semi-gloss to provide a little more protection to the wood.

Step 2: Painting the Striped Wall using Behr Studio Clay

Now on to the striped wall! If you've been following me for a while you know that I love doing funky designs with paint. Even though this was a more simpler way to do a funky design, I knew the striped wall would bring an element to the room that would change the whole feel of it.

Room painted with stripes in Behr Studio Clay and Deep Meridian

I used my laser level to accurately apply my painters tape so that I would be able to create these striped lines. I used two lines of tape for each line to create a thick line all of the way down the wall.

Room painted in stripes Behr Studio ClayBeing that I decided to go bold below with the Deep Veridian S400-7, I opted to go more neutral on the top with Studio Clay MQ2-27 in Matte.

Step 4: Stying the Bonus Room 

Styling a room is always huge part of making the room come together and always one of my favorite things to do once I finish painting a room. I am so in love with my green sectional that I recently purchased, it is definitely the highlight of the room, along with some other amazing items. Check out everything in the room below.

The Final Reveal

I couldn't be happier with how this makeover turned out. The painted stripes really elevated the room and made this a space I can really have fun in.

Bonus Room Makeover with Behr Paint | Studio Clay and Deep Meridian
Bonus room transformation with Behr Paint

If you've been following along with me on Instagram, you know that I am in the process of selling my home, so I decided to remove the wallpaper soon after putting it up, but I couldn't just leave the wall blank, so I decided to paint the wall with Studio Clay MQ2-27. If you aren't a super bold person, and don't want to go with wallpaper, paint is always a great way to bring a little character to the home.

Bonus room transformation with Behr paint

The sad part about this room is that I will soon be leaving it, so I won't get to enjoy it, but I have many plans for many more paint projects at my new place!

Bonus room paint with Behr paint with studio clay and deep meridian

If you're wondering how you can transform your room on a budget, be sure to check out Behr paint at Behr.com or at your local Home Depot and all of their many color options. 

Bonus room makeover with Behr paint

and as always, Thanks for reading guys! XOXO Ashley!

March 30, 2022 — Ashley Basnight