"I tried Yardzen, an online landscape design platform."

As most of you know, I recently just moved into an amazing Lake House, and one of the most exciting projects to think about has been the exterior of the house. However, I quickly learned that exterior design is not my thing, and don't get me on landscaping. Let's just say, it's a good thing I called in the professionals on this one.

Lake House RenovationI first learned about Yardzen about a year ago, when I saw another blogger working with them and have been waiting for the opportunity to work with them, now I've gotten my chance and I'm sharing all of the details.

Yardzen Design Packages

Yardzen has a range of design packages including but not limited too; landscape design, plant design and exterior design. My main focus was the exterior design, so I decided to go with the Curb Appeal Package for the front yard!

Yardzen Design Package

Starting the Design

To start off with the design, Yardzen requested that I go through a nine step project planning phase. During this phase, I was able to upload photos and information for my home as well as share my wants/needs, must - haves and more.

Yardzen Review

I really appreciate that Yardzen was thorough during this step because knowing your personal visions and wants really plays a big factor into creating a design you love. So I went in confident that Yardzen would deliver an awesome product.

Yardzen Review

One thing I really loved was the wish list. Sometimes when designing, it's hard to think of everything, so it was nice to see selections listed to choose from, so you don't feel like there is something you're missing.

Once I was able to enter in all of my information, we were headed to the next step in the process.

House Model and Conceptual Design

Next up, was the House Model, where I was able to review a simple 3D model of my property.

Once I reviewed my house model, the Conceptual Design process started, which is the first round of designs where you're able to see your designer’s initial vision and provide feedback.

House Model

Reviewing the Concept and Final Design

Now on to the fun part; the design. This was a two step process where they first shared the designers conceptual design and then once feedback was given, they sent over the final design.

Once they sent the first design, I was really happy right off the back with what my designer came up with, but I had a few small teaks I wanted to make.

Yardzen Design

I must say, I was really impressed with Yardzen's system to give feedback. I was able to click directly on the items that I loved and wanted to change and write feedback on what I wanted to change. This option was available for all pictures and I really liked that I was able to pinpoint what it was I wanted differently. Yardzen gets an A+ for that.

I wanted a lighter version for my final design, but now that I've seen both designs,  Yardzen has made it so hard to choose, because they both look so wonderful. Ultimately, I think Ive decided to do a little mix of both!

I'll be sharing both the Conceptual and Final Design together, so you guys get to take up the awesomeness that is Yardzen Design.

The Design


Yardzen design lake house renovation

Yardzen Design


Lake House view

Lake House View



Lake House Reno Ashley Basnight



Lake House Reno

Lake House Reno

Lake House Reno

My Thoughts Overall

Overall, I really enjoyed working with Yardzen. Their process was very impressive and well streamlined, which was super impressive as a former engineer. But the design overall was really well done in my opinion.

For me personally, I think the design I eventually go with will be a mix of the two ending designs, so I didn't necessarily get the final design in one rendering, but I now feel like I can move forward in the process with a much better vision for what I'm doing.

Seeing is believing and Yardzen really made it easy for me to decide on a design that I think will bring the lake house to the next level.

How to Get the Best Bang for your Buck

Ive had a few people voice their concerns and hesitation about trying Yardzen because they were scared they wouldn't get a design they'd like. If that's you, here are a few tips to ensure you get a product you love!

Be Realistic about Your Costs

With Yardzen , anything is possible. There are so many additions you can have and changes you can make. But make sure you are staying true to your budget. If you give a big budget, Yardzen will design your home with the budget given. You don't want to give a unrealistic figure and then can't do anything with it. Make sure you take the time to figure out what's comfortable for you and have Yardzen design to your exact needs.

Be Specific as Possible

This is the time where too much information is a good thing. With design, there are so many elements that can be created, so knowing specifics will really help your designer hone in on a design you will love. If there are specific things you don't like, please share, things you love, share, colors, plants, you like and don't like, share. Are you getting the list here? Over explaining can only help you in this process.

As explained above, my final design will probably be a mix of two of the final designs, had I been a little more specific, I probably could have gotten them to get everything I wanted on one rendering, but I'm still really satisfied with my end product!

June 17, 2022 — Ashley Basnight