"No need to throw out those old cushions, Rustoleum's Outdoor Fabric Paint is here to save the day."  

Have you ever seen something in the store and thought, man I would love to try that out. Well that was the case with this Rustoleum Outdoor Fabric Paint; I was so curious to see just how good it was and now I get to share the results with you guys.
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If you have any older outdoor cushions, you may can save them with this outdoor fabric paint but lets first take a look at my experience and process. Let's get to it.

The Before

First, let's take a look at the before! I had this chair for a little while now, maybe a little over a year and the cushions were slightly worn but still in decent condition. I really wanted to give it a new look so I decided to use the outdoor fabric paint to give it a new look.
Before chair

Prep and Paint

To get my cushions ready, I had minimal prep work. I took a damp rag and wiped down the outside of the cushions to prep it for paint. The can suggests cleaning with soap and water for dirty cushions, so if you have some older cushions a good soap and water wash down should be good enough for prep.

Rustoleum khaki outdoor fabric. paintThen I started spraying the cushion with the Outdoor Fabric Spray Paint in khaki. I used my spray paint attachment which I absolutely love. I don't spray paint without it. It is a totally lifesaver against hand cramps and such an effective inexpensive tool.

Rustoleum spray attachmentI could immediately tell that the color was going to turn out beautiful. I definitely picked the right color. Once I sprayed both sides of the cushion, I let it dry for two hours and then it was ready to set them back in the chair! The can suggest waiting a total of 24 hours to be 100% dry.

The Results

Once everything was dry, I set up the cushions in the chair and decorated the chair in the back patio, and man did I love the results!

Outdoor Fabric Paint MakeoverThe Khaki color was definitely the best choice, it elevated the look of my patio chair and it only costs me $12. That sounds much better than buying some new cushions; things are getting pricey these days.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to see the video process of me spray painting the chair, head on over to my Instagram and check out my "Fabric Paint" Highlight! I had a ton of questions about the outdoor fabric paint so I figured I'd answer some of the frequent questions here!

How do the cushions feel once dry Does it feel stiff or crunchy?
    • One of the more popular questions. My cushions did not feel stiff after drying, and I couldn't tell much of a difference from how it was before spraying. I made sure to do really light coats which I believe helped with that. Some people mentioned experiencing stiffness when using the paint and I think over-saturating your cushions with paint may be the cause of that.
    Will it rub off on your clothes?
    • No. Once the paint is dry, it will not rub off on your clothes. Make sure you allow 24 hours for the paint to completely dry before use.

      Does it have a smell?

      • When using the outdoor fabric paint, I did not detect a smell.

      Can you wash it?

      • The can mentions that your cushions should be machine washable after 3 days.

      How many cushions can you paint with one can?

      • I used about half a can to paint these two cushions. Again, using light coats helped with this.

       and that wraps up my furniture chair makeover, but I can't let you leave without another before and after, so here it is.

      Outdoor Fabric Paint makeover

      And as always, thanks for reading guys, XOXO Ashley.


      June 06, 2021 — Ashley Basnight