Chevron + Privacy Wall = a Perfect Backyard Oasis

Guys! I am SUPER excited to share this part of the floating deck because it is the BIGGEST and BADDEST project I think I've tackled thus far! A chevron privacy wall! If you missed my last post, don't forget to check out Part One of my Backyard Makeover

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Chevron Privacy Wall - DIY Floating Deck

If you missed my first post, you missed that I am partnering with Home Depot to makeover my backyard, featuring a DIY Floating Deck and the best part is that they provided me with $3,000 to do it! Yes you read that correctly.

Here's a quick before for you if you missed my first post...pretty BLAH I know!

DIy Floating Deck

This Chevron privacy wall is Part 2 of this project and I am here to show you my process. My inspiration for this project was found here on DIY Passion. I just loved this wall and had to do a rendition of my own.

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Materials Needed

    Tools Used

    Chevron Privacy Wall

    I started of with setting the 4x4 posts. I realized late in the game that it would have been better for me to leave the posts I set in the concrete blocks long to use for the privacy wall but this is where my inexperience messed me up! But luckily I found a way to put the wall up still.

    I built this wall section by section. I put up 4x4 posts and connected them together with 2x4 pressure treated lumber.

    Chevron Privacy Wall on a DIY Floating Deck

    In order to secure the posts, I first put it up against the 4x4 posts that were set in the concrete blocks and clamped them tight to hold it into place. Once they were secure I screwed in 4 5" screws into the sides to secure it a little more.

    chevron Privacy wall on a DIY floating deck

    After securing it with the 4 screws I drilled two holes in the post to put in two bolts to go through the 4x4 post and 2x8 lumber boards.

    To secure the 4x4 posts together, I put 2x4s on the top and bottom using the 2x4 connector brackets, 1 1/2" nails, and my palm nailer. The 2x4 should be placed near the end of where the 1x6 boards can be nailed into them.

    Chevron Privacy Wall

    At the end I also decided to add a 2x4 board down the middle for extra security and nailed the 1x6s straight down the middle into the extra 2x4.

    DIY Chevron Privacy Wall for a backyard floating deck

    Once the posts and 2x4s are were secured, putting on the 1x6s was a breeze. Just measure cut and nail. I used my Ridgid Palm nailer to nail in the 3" nails ( two per side) and it definitely made my life easier.

    When starting a new section I began with the board that touched the tip of the bottom of the deck and worked my way down and then back up. I cut the board so that both ends would meet at the middle of each 4x4 posts. It will make it easier for measuring to draw a line directly down the center of each 4x4 post.

    All cuts were made at 45 degrees on my 12" Sliding Miter Saw.

    Chevron Privacy Wall on a Floating Deck

    In order to get the boards perfectly spaced, I used a 1x3 board to place in between. This worked perfectly in making sure the spacing was on point.

    Chevron Privacy Wall

    I was super excited when this wall was finally finished, the rain was fighting me all the way. I did this project over a couple of days but with an extra hand and clear weather, you could definitely knock it out in a day or two.

    DIY Chevron Privacy Wall for a floating deck

    The wall cost me about $350 for all of the materials, but probably could have been a little cheaper with some better planning. But not bad for a 16 ft. privacy fence.

    DIy Privacy Wall

    I just love how it came out! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I'm on to the next part of the project! Stay tuned for updates and thanks for checking out the post. Later guys and if you haven't check out Part 1 of this project go check it out now!

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    October 30, 2017 — Ashley Basnight