"Whether Easter, Spring or Summer, this DIY serving tray is sure to put all of your guest in good spirits."

With Easter around the corner, I figured I'd do a fun project to commemorate the event. But this floral serving tray applies to more seasons than just one. I am excited to share this fun DIY with you guys today.

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DIY Serving Tray

Whether you want to display food or have a fun space for displaying your drinks, this DIY floral serving tray will surely elevate any table setting. The best part is that you can continually change out the flowers for each event r season, making it a project that's always new and fresh.

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DIY Serving Tray for Easter, Spring or Summer


2 - 1x4x6 Select Pine Board

1 - 1x3x8 Select Pine Board

1 - 2x4 1/2" MDF Board

1" Brad Nails

1 1/4" Pocket Hole Screws

Floral Foam

Artificial Flowers

8 - White Picket Fences

White Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

Painters Tape


Makita Impact Drill

Kreg Jig

Brad Nailer

Miter Saw


Hot Glue Gun

DIY Serving Tray for Easter, Spring or Summer

Luckily, I got this project all on video so be sure to check out the video tutorial after reading through the post.

Step 1: Assemble Outer Tray Box

The first thing I did was assemble the outer tray box. I used my brad nailer and 1" brad nails to assemble it together. I first started attaching the two 1x4s ( 16 7/8") to the 1/2" MDF bottom  (16 7/8" x 16 7/8"). Then I added the two 1x4 outer side pieces (18 1/4) to the MDF bottom.

DIY Serving Tray

I used 1" brad nails to attach the pieces together. For more strength, you can also use wood glue for extra strength.

DIY Serving Tray

Step 2: Assemble Inner Box

Next, I started assembling the inner box. I used my Makita Impact Drill and Kreg Jigto pre-drill pocket holes into the sides of the inner box. The Makita Brushless Impact Driver features variable 2-speed and has 1,240 in.lbs of max torque in an ergonomic and compact design. The Makita Impact driver kit comes packed with a bag, charger and battery.

DIY Serving Tray

I drilled two pocket holes in each outer side of the 1x3s. Next I used a brad nailer to attach the four 1x3 (12 1/2") pieces together. Again, use wood glue for extra strength. Note: Make sure the pocket holes our facing outward and that the pocket holes are in the downward position.

DIY Serving Tray

One the inner box was assembled I started drilling the inner tray to the our tray using 1 1/4" pocket hole screws and my Makita Impact Drill

DIY Serving Tray

Step 3: Adding Floral Foam

Next, I cut down the floral foam on the bandsaw to fit into the sides of the food tray.

DIY Serving Tray

This doesn't have to fit perfectly, it just needs to be full enough to place the flowers in so it looks full. As you can see I had a few gaps between my foam.

DIY Serving Tray

I used a hot glue gun to hold the foam in place. You don't need a whole lot of glue fr this, just a few drops to keep the foam secure.

Step 4: Add White Picket Fences

Next step is to start adding the white picket fences. I used a hot glue gun to add the picket fences to the sides of the serving tray.

DIY Serving Tray

Be sure to make sure you don't put the hot glue all the way to the top of the picket fences because the top of the fence shows through on top.

Step 5: Add Flowers

Now this is the fun part. I used all types of artificial flowers to fill up the foam around the serving tray.

DIY Serving Tray

The flowers really made the serving tray pop, I can't get over just how good this looks. The flower arrangements really turned out better than expected.

DIY Serving Tray

I couldn't help but think of all the other things I could do with this project, It would also serve as a unique photo frame. Im sure my mom would love this for Mother's Day with a pic of us in the middle.

DIY serving tray. photo frame

Step 6: Paint Tray Bottom

And the final step for this DIY is to paint the bottom of the serving tray white. Use painters tape to tape off the sides, and using a paint brush, paint the bottom of the tray white.

DIY Serving Tray for Easter, Summer or Spring

And TAA-DAH project is finished. 

DIY Serving Tray

Serving snacks never looked so good. This fun DIY was a quick way to bring a lot of pizzazz to my table setting and the best part is that it's fitting for multiple occasions.

DIY Serving Tray

Thanks for reading guys. XOXO, Ashley
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April 12, 2019 — Ashley Basnight