"A simplistic modern side table perfect for the living room" 

I love all things simplistic, so I decided to create this fun modern DIY side table for my living room and I love how it turned out. A year or so ago, I transformed my living room wall with some triangular patterns and this side table was the perfect addition to go along with it.

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DIY Side TableLucky for you, I am sharing all of the details on the blog today and I've got some even better news. I loved this design so much that I decided to create the same design on a bigger console and I have a tutorial for that too hereDIY Console

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Now let's get to it!


DIY Side Table


*See Detailed Plans for Cut List*

Tools Used

Side Table - Printable Plans

Step 1: Assemble Side Table Sides

The first thing I did was cut all of the wood down to size. I used my Cordless 10 in. Miter Saw to cut all of my 2x2s and it worked wonders. It delivers up to 400 cuts per charge and features dual bevel with nine detents and and easy access bevel lever.

DIY Side TableThe best part about this miter saw is that its cordless, so I don't have to worry about plugging it in which for me is a BIG DEAL, because I am limited on outlets in my shop. Check out this quick setup video for my new Milwaukee Cordless Miter Saw.

Once I cut all of the wood down for the side table sides, I clamped the 2x2s together with my Kreg Right Angle Clamp and then attached the pieces together using a Kreg Jig on a 1 1/2" setting, with 2 1/2" pocket hole screws.

DIY Side Table

I made sure that the pocket holes were facing down on the bottom stretcher and facing up for the top stretcher so they would be hidden.

Step 2: Attach Side Table Sides 

Once the two side table sides were assembled, I attached the middle stretchers  using a Kreg Jig on a 1 1/2" setting, with 2 1/2" pocket hole screws.

DIY Side TableAgain, making sure the pocket holes were facing up and down to remain hidden. 

Step 3: Attach V Braces

Now for the tricky part. In order to cut the V braces for the side table, I turned the bevel on my cordless Miter Saw to 21 degrees and then cut.

DIY Side Table

After cutting the V braces, I attached them to the assembled side table using my Milwaukee Brad Nailer. I nailed down the brad nails through the top and bottom into the v braces to secure it into place.

DIY Side Table

Step 4: Cut and Attach Side Table Top

Once the side table was built, I cut down the project panel with my Milwaukee Rear Handle Circular Saw. This saw generates the power of a 15A corded circular saw and delivers up to 570 cuts per charge, it also features an electric blade brake. This was the perfect tool to cut down my project panel.

DIY Side Table

I used a scrap board to make sure my circular Saw stayed straight and then just cut across the board and in 3 seconds, I had my side table top.

Step 5: Prep, Paint and Stain

Once the side table was all finished, I filled the nail holes with wood filler and then sanded her down.

DIY Side TableI painted the bottom of the side table black and the top I stained with Varathane Stain and I absolutely love the color combination.

DIY Side Table

Side Table - Printable Plans

Now let's take another look at the DIY Side Table.

DIY Side Table

I hope you love it as much as I do and I can't wait to see you guys tackle it on your own.DIY Side Table

Thanks for reading guys. XOXO, Ashley
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September 28, 2019 — Ashley Basnight