A mirrored vanity makeover well worth the work!

Now that doesn’t look too bad (if you were born in the 70s) haha.. but I was looking for something a little more sleek and sheek!

Mirrored Vanity Before and AfterTo start the process off, I spray painted the desk first with Krylon Primer, White, 12 Ounce and then generously with a Krylon Spray Paint.

Side Note: Be sure to shake cans really good before painting and spray away from the furniture on the initial spray to prevent a big blob of paint landing on it..:)After letting that dry for what seemed like forever…I started on the mirror application (my favorite part)

Mirrored Vanity Before and After

So LOWES became my favorite store the day I found out they cut mirror  for free (if you buy from them of course) I took measurements of  the table I wanted to apply mirrors to, ran over to lowes (Glass and mirror cutting section) and WAAAA-LAAAAAH, mirrors cut to size!
They didn’t have mirrors big enough for the top…so I had them divide the top measurements in half and just cut two mirrors to equal 1. To apply the mirrors to the table I used Mirror, marble and granite adhesive.

I applied a generous amount underneath, pressed the mirrors down in the appropriate spots and clamped them down with small clamps to hold the mirror into place.

Mirrored Vanity Before and AfterI let this sit for about 24 hours. I know we all hate the waiting game but you must give ample time to let the adhesive. dry or else you’ll be wondering why your mirrors are hanging off 6 months down the road.

Once it was all dry it was time to apply the drawer knobs!


I had to take the drawer off to apply these so I could sit the drawer upright.

I glued the knobs on using strong glue, a really strong glue, so be careful not to spill it anywhere. I applied just enough for it to stick and let it sit for another 24 hours. (that’s right …more waiting) After that was dry , I put my drawer back on and that was that! My old wooden table became a BEAUTIFUL VANITY.



Mirrored Vanity Before and After

The perfect match to my makeup vanity! (Purchased from Impressions Vanity)

DIY Mirrored Vanity Before and AfterI would LOOOOVE to see how your mirrored projects turn out!

With Love,
October 12, 2016 — Ashley Basnight
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