These liberty hardware kitchen cabinet pulls are giving me all the feels"

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Who knew that doing something as simple as changing out your kitchen hardware could make such a difference. I had a couple of choices to choose from when picking out my hardware, these were the three choices I narrowed down to. I ended up going with the Modern Geometric Collection.
Liberty Hardware
I  was pretty happy with my choice; but when I actually saw them in person I was sooooooooo happy with my choice. These Geometric Pulls shine like no other!
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Liberty Hardware Geo Pulls
This project was a fairly easy process and it doesn't take a lot of experience to tackle it. My process went a lot faster with the help from my Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig. Luckily, for you guys a made a quick video of my installing process. Check it out below!

Step 1: Remove Old Hardware

I first used my Ryobi Hammer Drill to remove all of my old hardware from my kitchen cabinets. This step went pretty quickly. This can also be done with a screwdriver but any excuse I can have to use my fancy power tools is good for me!

Removing kitchen cabinet hardware with Ryobi Hammer Drill

I made sure to put the drill on a low setting to make sure I didn't mess up the existing knobs, I'm sure I will be using these somewhere else.

Step 2: Re-finish Cabinets and Fill Holes

Once I removed all of the hardware I noticed the pulls left some spots on the cabinets so I used some Minwax stain just to refresh the cabinets. I also filled in the pull holes on the drawers with DAP wood filler, since I had to screw new holes.

Installing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Putting the stain on the cabinets gave them a fresh new look; with the knobs off this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Refinishing cabinets with Minwax stain

Step 3: Drilling New Holes

With the help from my Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig Kreg sent over I was able to whip these holes out in no time. This jig has adjustable guides for accurate hole placement, it will make you feel like a cabinet wizard and its not super expensive.

Installing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Step 4: Add New Knobs

Now on to my favorite part of the process, adding these new knobs! I could tell after the first knob that these were going to give my kitchen a whole new look, and they didn't disappoint.

Installing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

I am in love with how these Liberty Hardware Cabinet pulls made my kitchen look after switching them out. Check out this before and after.
Installing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware with Liberty Hardware Pulls
I've already had a couple of people notice that I changed them out. I would say that's a hardware success. My previous knobs were a little dull in color so these knobs really made the wood pop!
Installing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware with Liberty Hardware using Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig
If you are interested in these knobs head on over to your local home depot or check them out online here! and a few more after shots doesn't hurt!
 Liberty Hardware Kitchen Update
Installing Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Pulls
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