Metal Christmas Ornaments that will give you the chills!

The more I get into DIY, the more I fall in love with metal, so these metal christmas snowflake ornaments were a no brainer! Even better, it took less than 30 minutes!

metal Christmas ornaments for the holiday christmas tree

If you are anything like me, you like to change things up a bit. These metal snowflake Christmas ornaments are an easy way to bring some new flavor to the Christmas tree. So LETS GET TO IT!

Materials Used

 Aluminum Sheet

Wiss Metal Scissors

Black Aluminum Craft Wire

Christmas Ornament supplies

This project was really simple. First step, was just cutting out the snowflake. I found it easier to cut out a bigger snowflake just to get it off of the sheet and then cut the snowflake down to the desired size. 

Be sure to cut the snowflake so that the top has a hole to be able to wrap the aluminum wire.

Metal Christmas Snowflake Ornaments

The best part about this aluminum is that you can make them any size you want...I did 3 different sizes for my tree. Large, medium and small snowflakes.

Metal Christmas Snowflake Ornaments

After cutting them I took about 4 inches of the aluminum wire and wrapped one end around the top of the snowflake.

and then I got to hang them! Eazy Peezy!

Metal Christmas Snowflake Ornaments for the Holiday Tree These metal snowflakes really brought my tree out! and the fact that it took less than an hour was an extra plus! If you're looking to take up some room on the tree than this is the perfect quick project for you!

Metal Christmas Snowflake Ornaments for the Holiday Tree

 Thanks for reading guys!

November 22, 2017 — Ashley Basnight