"This craft room is getting a lot more colorful with Behr Dynasty paint."

I have been wanting to tackle my craft room for quite some time and I'm excited that I finally get the chance to do so. Since my craft room is half my assistant's office, I really wanted to make it a fun and colorful space. So I went and picked out several vibrant Behr paint colors to transform my space.

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Colors Used

  • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Sunwashed Brick
  • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Breezeway
  • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Studio Clay
  • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Shiny Kettle
  • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Potter's Clay
  • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Sustainable
  • Behr Dynasty (Eggshell) - Orange Flambe


The Before

As always, I like to take a good look at the before before diving into the project. Like most of my rooms in the house, they are plain white; this room was no different.

Craft Room Makeover with Behr Paint

I hope you're ready for a total transformation, because it's about to get a lot more colorful in this room.

Craft Room Organization Makeover

The Process

Painting the Walls

First, I started off with painting the walls with sunwashed brick, the lighter pink color. I knew this would be the perfect pink for the surrounding room. Then I went back over the sunwashed brick and created an arch using the color shiny kettle.

I utilized painter's tape to make sure the arch was nice and straight. I also utilized a laser level to make sure the tape was straight on the lines.

Craft Room Paint

I also utilized painter's tape to create shapes on the wall. This particular painters tape is for delicate surfaces and I like to use this kind when Im taping on walls that are already painted.

Craft Room Paint

The ceiling is probably the most coolest but most tedious part of this project. I knew this would totally elevate the project, but man did my neck and arms hurt after this one.

First, I used a pencil to sketch out the lines and then went back with a paint brush and the color breezeway to create this groovy ceiling.

I purchased this ladder specifically for this project and I was so glad I did; the project bucket that's attached to the ladder was great for holding my different paints and eliminated me having to take additional trips up and down the ladder. I would definitely recommend for your future paint projects.

Behr Paint breezeway and sunwashed brick in craft room

Painting the Murals

I knew I wanted to incorporate some type of mural, so I decided to incorporate two drawings on my wall.

The first drawing I saw on amazon on a canvas print, and I knew I wanted to draw this on my wall, it was the perfect addition to my craft room.

Black girl mural

The mural I added on the corner wall was created in Canva first to make sure I knew exactly what was going on the wall. Here is my mockup of the drawing.Its a lot easier to draw something when you have a reference photo versus trying to draw from memory, or at least it is for me.

Mural Mockup

I used my craft paint pen to draw the murals on the wall and I was highly impressed with how good the black paint pen was. It made the drawings look great.

Switching out the Ceiling Fan

When I picked these original ceiling fans out for my house, I knew I would be changing them out down the line. I was super excited to get this fan switched out. I originally bought this new gold fan because I thought it would be great for a mural wall and I was right.

Ceiling Fan before and after

This ceiling fan was the perfect addition to my craft room. If you are interested in the ceiling fan, check it out here.

Staging the Craft Room

Most people I talk to are always surprised when I tell them that I get a lot of my home decor from Home Depot but don't sleep on them because they have tons of furniture options online.


The Final Reveal

The final look came out better than I ever could have imagined. I was able to pull off the look I was going for and the room looks super unique.

Craft Room Paint

All of these paint colors were a part of Behr Dynasty's 2022 lineup and they go so well together!

I was able to throw in a few murals to give the room a little flavor and it was the perfect addition to the room!

Craft Room Organization ceiling painted with Behr Paint breezeway

One of my other favorite features is the pink arch! I wanted to make the desk area stand out so I added this arch detail to give it the right touch.

Behr paint craft room breezeway and unwashed brick

and I can't let you go without a few before and afters. I am so happy with how this room turned out!

Craft Room Makeover with Behr paint

all of the colors worked so well together and I really enjoyed using Behr paint for this project.

Behr paint unwashed brick and breezeway

The best part is that paint is always an affordable way to update a space, so it didn't break the bank to bring this room to life!

Craft Room Painted Arch with Behr SUnwashed Brick

Thanks for reading guys, XOXO Ashley.

January 11, 2022 — Ashley Basnight