As some of you know, I was chosen to be one of Weaber Lumber’s Winter Brand Reps, and I have enjoyed working with these awesome wall boards Weaber Lumber has provided me. Mainly because they come ready to rock and roll right out of the box.

If you missed my Office Nook Reveal blog post using my Weaber Lumber Wall boards, Be sure to go check it out! Here’s a quick look just in case you missed it! I love that there are so many things that you can do with these wall boards.
Office Nook makeover using Weaber Lumber Wall Boards
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So I had some empty space on one of my living room walls and I figured I would use some of my wall boards to bring a farmhouse feel to my living space. The best part is I finished this project in less than an hour.
For this project I used 13 wall boards. The wall boards come in assorted colors, but for this project I only used the darker boards. You can use regular wood for this project but these particular boards are textured, creating the chipped rustic look.

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So the first thing I did was cut the two long front wall boards to size. I cut them down to 39 3/8” and then cut 10 wall boards to 28"
Weaber Lumber Wall Boards
 Apply some wood glue to the back of the longer wall boards and place the 28" wall boards on the two stretcher pieces and attach using a brad nailer with brad nails. ( A stapler would probably work better for these boards since they are so thin, but I ran out of staples so I used a nailer )
Weaber Lumber Wall Boards

Weaber Lumber Wall Boards and Ryobi Brad Nailer

Attach the first 28" board and then the last 28" board to ensure you have a perfect rectangle, and then nail the rest of the boards down.

Once the 28" wall boards are nailed down, flip the piece and add the V braces.

Cut the first V wall board at a 35 degree angle, at 27 3/8" from side to side (longest side)

Weaber Lumber Wall Boards

Be sure to make sure the board fits before gluing and nailing it down.

Weaber Lumber Wall Boards with gorilla wood glue

Make the same cut for the other side and you are finished assembling! After the wall piece was assembled I started painting it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White.

Weaber Lumber Wall Boards

I personally loved using these weathered wall boards for this project because the texture of the wall boards gave the wall piece a rustic look without even having to sand it. I did a light first coat and then did a second coat to cover all of the brown.

Feel free to paint as desired, the textured boards will create the rustic look as you paint.

Once I finished painting I let it dry and she was ready to be hung! Or at least after I took this picture! :)

Weaber Lumber Wall Boards

Perfect Wall Art or home decor to fill an empty wall or make a cabinet pop!

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May 30, 2017 — Ashley Basnight