Get into the holiday spirit with these fun acrylic place cards using the Dremel Stylo Craft Tool.

With the holidays around the corner, I thought what better way to invite my guest over than with some personalized place cards, and I'm using my Dremel Stylo Craft Tool to get it done. 

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Before I do the real thing, I figured I'd play around and get some practice in first, so I decided why not share that process with you guys. 

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Acrylic Place Cards using Dremel Stylo Craft ToolFirst to get started you will need some acrylic place cards and if your not good at lettering it may not be a bad idea to have a template to help make your lettering look as good as it possibly can. I had some old stickers laying around that I used to help me draw out some words.

Acrylic Place Cards using Dremel Stylo Craft ToolFor those non calligraphers, place something underneath the acrylic place card and trace over it. I outlined my letters first and then filled in the letters with the Dremel Stylo.Acrylic Place Cards using Dremel Stylo Craft ToolThese acrylic placards are perfect for this Dremel Stylo, it easily carves out the acrylic and you can easily see the words once you're done. If you are a calligrapher, you will really enjoy this tool.

Dremel StyloIt features a comfortable grip and with its slim size and minimal vibration, it allows you to work on fined detail applications such as this one. Acrylic Place Cards using Dremel Stylo Craft ToolI also like that the Dremel Stylo isn't incredibly loud. It has a compact motor that makes the craft tool fairly quiet,  making it great in home use.

Dremel Stylo+ Versatile Craft Tool with 15 Accessories

If you'd rather see it in action, check out the video below.

Here is an excerpt from my full tool review on the Dremel Stylo.


Lightweight Design The sleek design on the Dremel Stylo definitely makes it easier to use, compared to other Dremel rotary tools that where much bulkier. It also has a very comfortable grip.

Dremel Stylo+ Tool Review

Quiet Motor When doing a project like calligraphy, it can be pretty time consuming, so I really love the quiet motor. It isn't completely silent, but quiet enough were I don't mind having it run for minutes on end.

Variable Speed The Dremel Stylo's variable speed ranges from 5,000 RPM to 22,000 RPM. This gives optimal speed control for applications such as wood engraving, glass etching and much more.


Thanks for reading guys. XOXO, Ashley
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October 25, 2019 — Ashley Basnight