The Dremel Stylo is catering to the calligraphers.

I was excited to try out this Dremel Stylo because I have a secret love for calligraphy that Ive been hiding. In high school and college I would always practice  in my school notebook and thanks to Dremel, I can try it on wood; day made!

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Dremel Stylo+ Tool Review

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The Dremel Stylo package comes packed with Dremel Stylo Craft Tool, the Dremel attachments and a carrying bag.


I've used Dremel rotary tools to try and do calligraphy in wood before, but this particular Dremel Stylo Versatile Craft Tool has been the best I've used for that particular thing. The fact that the body of the Dremel stylo+ is sleek and lightweight makes it much easier to maneuver.

Check out the video below to see how my first test run went.

 My first test run with the Dremel Stylo was a breeze and I've had quite a bit of fun with it. I decided to create these acrylic place cards using the Dremel Craft Tool and I loved the way they came out. 

Dremel Stylo Craft Tool with acrylic place cardsYou can check out my post here on how I used my Stylo to create these fun tablescape name plates.


Lightweight Design The sleek design on the Dremel Stylo definitely makes it easier to use, compared to other Dremel rotary tools that where much bulkier. It also has a very comfortable grip.

Dremel Stylo+ Tool Review

Quiet Motor When doing a project like calligraphy, it can be pretty time consuming, so I really love the quiet motor. It isn't completely silent, but quiet enough were I don't mind having it run for minutes on end.

Variable Speed The Dremel Stylo's variable speed ranges from 5,000 RPM to 22,000 RPM. This gives optimal speed control for applications such as wood engraving, glass etching and much more.


Under the bottom the of the Dremel Stylo is a lock button that helps with inserting the different attachments, but I noticed while using the Dremel that if you press it while the Dremel is on, it will kind of zap you (zap is the only word I can think of to describe it). After accidentally hitting it a couple of times (mistaking it for the power button) I quickly realized that this was definitely a flaw that could be frustrating. Hopefully the guys over at Dremel have plans to do something about this on future models.

I would also like if they could come out with a cordless option, but I'm sure that would mean losing the lightweight feature, so I'm not 100% that I would prefer cordless over the sleek design.

The Dremel Stylo Versatile Craft Tool retails for $49.00 at the Home Depot.

Thanks for reading guys! XOXO Ashley

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April 28, 2018 — Ashley Basnight
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