"DEWALT is making its mark with this FLEXVOLT Circular Saw Impact Pack"

I have received many tool packs, but I must say this circular saw and impact driver pack is one I will put to use. Today I am sharing all the details on my experience with the FLEXVOLT circular saw and impact driver.

"This review is sponsored by The Home Depot as part of the Prospective Campaign."


The DEWALT FLEXVOLT Circular Saw w/ Impact Pack comes packed with the FLEXVOLT Circular Saw, the 20-Volt MAX XR Brushless Impact Driver, the FLEXVOLT and 2.0Ah battery. For everything you get in this kit, I think it is well worth the purchase.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT Circular saw with Impact Pack

Testing out the DEWALT Circular Saw

I have worked with several circular saws and it was evident that this FLEXVOLT circular saw was one of the better models in my collection. The FLEXVOLT 60-Volt MAX 7-1/4 in. brushless circular saw delivers the power of corded with the portability and convenience of a cordless saw.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60-Volt MAX 7-1/4 in. brushless circular saw

I hear a lot of people claim that they aren't a fan of cordless tools because they feel like they lose the power a corded tool provides, but in my opinion this FLEXVOLT circular saw could change their minds.

The circular saw did a fine job cutting through 2x material and ripping sheet goods. Cutting through the 2x was a lot smoother than ripping through a sheet of plywood.

DEWALT FLEXVOLT Circular Saw Review

Testing out the DEWALT Impact Driver 

The 20-Volt MAX XR Brushless Impact Driver is compact and ideal for working in tight spaces,  and accepts 1 in. bit tips. I love how lightweight the drill is. The first Dewalt drill I ever had was an 18V Drill and man were those things heavy. DEWALT has really done a good job at designing a drill that is both powerful and lightweight.

DEWALT Impact Driver Tool Review


Electronic Brake

The FLEXVOLT Circular saw features an electronic brake that stops the circular saw blade after the trigger is released. 

DEWALT FLEXVOLT Circular Saw Tool Review


Adjusting the bevel on the DEWALT FLEXVOLT circular saw seemed to be a lot easier to maneuver than other models I have experienced and the circular saw features bevel measurements that help make bevel cuts that aren't usual.


Rafter Hook

DEWALT FLEXVOLT circular saw rafter hook

None of my other circular saws has this so I was pleasantly surprised to find this feature on my DEWALT FLEXVOLT. It was nice to have this rafter hook so I had the option to hang the circular saw at a comfortable height rather than placing it on the floor.


It doesn't seem like much but once you get used to it, I guarantee you, you will notice if you don't have it. DEWALT FLEXVOLT Circular Saw

This isn't necessarily a feature but I really appreciate that DEWALT created a slot to house the wrench used for installing the blade. I can't tell you how many times I have lost little tools like this when there isn't and allowed spot for them. 

FAVORITE FEATURES on the Brushless Impact Driver

LED Lights

The impact driver has 3 LED lights that provides visibility without shadows and there is a 20-second delay after trigger release.

DEWALT Impact Driver

3-Speed Setting

The DEWALT impact driver features 3 speed settings for optimized versatility. This really comes in handy when drilling in screws. Having speed versatility ensures I get the job done correctly.

DEWALT Impact Driver


For the projects that I do, I really couldn't think of anything to improve either of these tools meaning they get an A+ from me, and that doesn't happen often.

The DEWALT FLEXVOLT Circular Saw w/ Impact Pack retails at the Home Depot for 299.00.

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October 26, 2018 — Ashley Basnight