"RIDGID is changing the game with it's MEGAMAX design"

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When I first learned about the RIDGID MegaMax back in April, I was super excited about this design RIDGID came up with and I have never seen anything like it. With technology ever-growing, I thought this was a fun and unique design to keep up with the times. I also thought it was a good way to eliminate costs of tools with one Megamax power base and different choices of attachments.


The package comes packed with the 18-Volt OCTANE Brushless MEGAMax Power Base and the operator's manual.

Testing out the RIDGID Power Base and Attachment

The RIDGID MEGAMax Power base is a interchangeable tool system that uses one power base and allows you to change out attachments.  The smart Power Base automatically identifies the attached head and configures in order  to match the appropriate piece.

RIDGID MegaMax. Power Base and Reciprocating Saw Head Attachment

Now if that isn't cool, I don't know what is. For this particular review, I used the reciprocating saw head attachment to take it for a test run. This is supposed to be the Industry's most powerful Reciprocating Saw when connected to RIDGID Power Base and OCTANE Battery and I must say I may be a believer of that statement. Compared to my makita reciprocating saw, the difference is power was noticeable right away. This attachment head has on/off orbital action and connects in four directional head positions. 

RIDGID Mega Max with Reciprocating Saw Head Attachment

I think most people know by now that Diablo has some of the best blades when it comes to cutting, so it should be no surprise that I opted to use this Diablo 9 in. 9 TPI Demo Demon Carbide General Purpose Reciprocating Saw Blade to test out the RIDGID Megamax. This particular blade is my favorite because it can cut a number of materials. Whether it be wood, metal, pvc/pipe materials; it is strong enough to cut most items with less vibration. 

Diablo Carbide Blades

Two other good blades for the reciprocating saw is the Diablo 9 in. Carbide Pruning and Clean Wood Cutting Reciprocating Blade, a blade that delivers fast and effortless cuts and features large blade gullets that provide fast chip removal and the Diablo 9 in. 10 TPI Steel Demon Carbide Medium Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade, a high performance blade for greater durability with tooth geometry for clean/smooth finishes.

Ridgid OCTANE 18V 6Ah Bluetooth Battery

I used the RIDGID OCTANE Bluetooth battery to test out the RIDGID Magemax and this battery has got some power. When paired with an OCTANE tool the RIDGID bluetooth battery provides maximum performance in high demand applications. 

RIDGID Bluetooth Battery

With it's bluetooth capability it allows you to receive push notifications, battery status and gives your tool security. Compared to a regular lithium-ion, it has four times the power.


On the reciprocating saw head attachment, my favorite feature is the On/Off orbital action. It allows you to match the cut to the application, a feature that helps the user get a better experience out of the tool.RIDGID MegaMax Tool Review

LED Panel

THE LED Panel on the RIDGID power base shows the status of the tool and the attached head. It also has arrows that makes it easy to line up the power base to the attachment.

RIDGID MegaMax Tool Review


 Although I'm sure this would drive up the price, I think it would be cool if RIDGID could come up with at least one attachment that actually comes with the power base, instead of having to buy the base and attachments separately. 

RIDGID MegaMax Tool Review

THE RIDGID MEGAMax Power base retails for $99.00 and the RIDGID MEGAMax Reciprocating saw head retails for $69.00 at the Home Depot.

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October 26, 2018 — Ashley Basnight