"Dont go unprepared on your car ride, Husky's got you covered."

I always like to make sure I'm prepared when I am on the road, and since I got my new SUV, I wanted to share a couple of extra items that I like to keep in my truck for loading.

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Husky Tools for the Car

You never know what can happen on the road, or when you may need to transport something, so it's nice to be prepared. Luckily, my Chevy Tahoe has a nice little hidden compartment in the back that can hold quite a bit of stuff; even better, its a hidden compartment. So know one will ever know its there. Well except for you guys now!

Husky Car Essentials

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I started using Husky products about three years ago and I am always impressed with their products, so it was a no brainer to have their brand in my SUV. Let's dive into to some of the Husky products!!

HUSKY Lumen Utility Light

I think we can all agree that it's always a plus to have some kind of light in your car. If your luck is anything like mine, you have experienced being stuck on the side of the road in the dark. If you haven't, trust me when I say it's good to have some kind of light with you.

Husky Lumen Utility Light

This Husky Utility light has two modes; high and low and features a combination handle and stand for multiple light angles. This really comes in handy when you're doing something such as changing a tire, or working under the hood. I was surprised to see that it also came packed with 6AA batteries, so don't fret the first 4 hour runtime is covered. Check out my other post on top tools for traveling here.


The next Husky product is the Husky Heavy Duty Tie Down. Now this tie-down is the Big Daddy of Tie downs. I keep this in my SUV for the heavy duty loads. If I need to transport something on the top of my truck, I'll be sure to pull this tie-down out.


This Husky Ratchet Tie-down has a 10,000 lbs breaking capacity. YES! you read that right! 10,000 and also has a working load of 3333 lbs. You know what that means? This tie-down is sure to get the job done. The tie-down has a polyester webbing that resists mold, rotting and mildew, so you can rest in knowing that this tie-down will last you for a while.

HUSKY Ratchet Tie-Down (4-Pack)

I also have these smaller HUSKY tie-downs ratchets for smaller loads. They have a quick and easy thumb release that allows you to loosen your load and these tie-downs are also pretty durable for their size. There have been several times where I've gone to a store and decided to buy something and ended up having to by some tie downs. Now Im prepared.  These particuler Husky Ratchet Tie-Downs have a break strength of 1500 lbs and a working load of 500 lbs. 

HUSKY Ratchet Tie-Down

It's nice to have both the big ratchet tie-down and the smaller ones. There's nothing like having the right tool for the job.

Whether you're loading something in your car, or stuck on the road at night, these three Husky products are sure to make you're life easier. 

Thanks for reading guys, XOXO, Ashley

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January 22, 2019 — Ashley Basnight