"Going for a ride? This guide has the 411 on what tools you should bring along."

Time and time again, I have been a victim of bad road karma. Flat tires, low oil, car problems, you name it, and I can't be alone. So today I am sharing all of the tools I keep in my car trunk when I travel, just in case of an emergency.

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These tools have definitely come in handy since I started keeping them in my car and I hope that this post encourages you to keep your own emergency bag in your car.

Husky Magnetic Clip Light

Husky Clip Light

If your traveling down the road and start having car trouble, you’ll definitely want this Husky clip light for looking under the hood, especially if it’s dark out.

This Husky 200 Lumen LED Magnetic Clip Light  features 200 lumens and includes 3 AAA batteries. It has both a high and low setting and a clip that serves as a belt clip and kickstand. It also has a magnetic back that works great for car hoods.

Ryobi Inflator

The Ryobi Inflator is by far my favorite and most used tool when I’m traveling. This tool has saved me numerous of times and it’s much easier to grab this, than to hook up my air compressor and inflate my tires.

This inflator allows high pressure inflation up to 150 psi. I have 20” rims and my tires require 50 psi and I have filled my tires up with this inflator after a full flat. It does take a little longer but it’s worth it when you’re on the side of the road, or your tires are looking low. If you’re traveling you won’t want to leave home without it.

Ryobi Inflator

I make sure to keep my Husky headlight handy  as well, so that my hands can stay free if I need to change a tire, or fill it with air.

 The Husky 300 Lumen LED Dual Beam Aluminum Headlight features 300 lumens with 3 Modes: Spot + Flood, Spot, Flood, it can handle a 30' drop and is also waterproof up to 1m;  with a Lifetime Warranty this Husky headlight is the perfect light to keep handy.

Husky Headlight

Ridgid Impact Wrench

I haven't always been so lucky as to get just a flat tire. I have experienced full blowouts, more than once, so I love to keep my impact wrench handy in my car, just in case. It makes changing a tire out much easier.

Ridgid Impact Wrench

The RIDGID Impact wrench is super comfortable in my hands and the weight of it isn't too bad to handle when changing out the car tire. RIDGID's brushless motors offer up to 50% more runtime and longer motor life, which I find very helpful, especially since I plan on keeping this in my car. 

RIdgid Impact Wrench

The Ridgid Impact Wrench has four modes.The first mode is the auto setting, marked with an A, most likely best used to tighten nuts and bolts.  I noticed that the wrench shuts down automatically once the bolt is secure meaning no stripped nuts and bolts. This is a great feature for someone who isn't familiar with performing actions such as changing a tire. Modes 1 and 2 seemed to have a smooth application and I could tell mode three had the real power.

Husky Magnetic Hook Light

The Husky 200 Lumen LED Magnetic Hook Light features 200 Lumens and also comes packed 3AAA Batteries. This hook light has a 3Hr runtime which means it will come in handy in a bind; especially while traveling. This hook light also has high and low modes and it’s hard surface can handle a 3m drop. It also has a magnetic back and an integrated hook that’s perfect for hanging this light under the hood. If you’re ever caught on the side of the road in the dark, you will be happy you have either this hook light or the Husky clip light in your car.

Husky CLip Light

and the best part is, these tools are all small enough to fit in one bag in the back of my trunk. I would also recommend leaving a charger for the inflator and impact wrench in the trunk as well, and some backup AAA batteries to be over prepared.

Thanks for reading guys, XOXO Ashley

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October 23, 2018 — Ashley Basnight