“The Ryobi Bolt Cutters are cutting its way through chains, bolts, fencing and more”

 I don't know if I've ever been more excited to break things apart but Ryobi is giving me a great reason to get down and dirty. Today I am sharing all the ins and outs of my experience using the new Ryobi Bolt Cutters and man did I have some fun.
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The box comes packed with the one Ryobi ONE+ Bolt Cutters.

Ryobi Bolt Cutters Tool Review


I really had a lot of fun testing out these Ryobi Bolt Cutters, at first I tried testing them out with a regular Ryobi battery, but I quickly realized that Ryobi's new 6amp battery was the only battery that's really compatible with this tool. You need enough power to be able to cut through those hard materials, so if you have this tool in mind, be prepared to grab that 6 amp battery with it. The 6AH battery has high performance electronics for the maximum amount of power and communicates directly with RYOBI tools to deliver the optimal level of power for the best performance.

Ryobi Bolt Cutters

The jaws open to accommodate materials up to 3/8 in. in diameter for soft materials and ¼” in hard materials. And the bolt cutters can make up to 200 cuts per charge with a P108 high capacity battery. While testing it out I noticed that for the thicker bolts, it either didn't cut all the way through the first time or didn't cut through as much. This is to be expected, as thicker materiel is harder to cut, but I wonder what that may do to the steel jaws overtime. I was still pleased with the tool, as it got the job done, but I will be curious to see how it holds up after some time of wear and tear.

Check out this quick review video to see how my test run with the Ryobi bolt cutters went.


Cuts up to 3/8 in. cut capacity

The fact that these bolt cutters can cut up to 3/8" in capacity means that it can cut through standard locks and household items that I may need to cut through.

Forward and Reverse Buttons

I really love the ease of the separated forward and reverse buttons on the bolt cutters. It really helps with precision cutting and repetitive cuts. I was really pleased with this part of the tool design.


Although it says the bolt cutters can cut through 3/8 in. in diameter, it does take multiple cycles, It would nice to be able to cut this with one pass, but not too big of a deal to make this tool a deal breaker.

Ryobi Bolt Cutters

The Ryobi Bolt Cutters retail at The Home Depot for $99.00

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October 12, 2018 — Ashley Basnight