"Ridgid is on beat with this Compact Radio"

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The Ridgid Compact Radio comes packed with the 18-Volt cordless mini bluetooth radio with radio app, two AAA batteries to keep the clock set and station presets saved.


When first testing out the RIDGID compact radio, I had a bit of trouble connecting to the bluetooth but once I was connected it was smooth sailing. The sound quality of the radio was pretty decent, as well. It was clear and evident that this would be a great compact radio for a small shop.

The usb and aux ports worked just fine and overall my experience of the radio was going pretty well at this point. Initially, trying to connect to the RIDGID app took a little longer than normal bluetooth syncs I've experienced, but once I was connected, it was smooth sailing.

Ridgid Compact Radio

I used the RIDGID battery to power up my RIDGID compact radio and first let me say that my garage is at least 80% cordless, so this compact radio fits right in. The radio lasted a good amount of time on battery in my opinion, so I was happy about that. Some people would argue that it would be better to have both an a/c power cord and be battery operable, but I'm satisfied with its current state.


Bluetooth Capability

This is probably one of the most obvious favorite features, but nonetheless, its one of my favs. This RIDGID compact radio is compatible with a RIDGID radio app that pairs to your smart phone and allows you to stream music, control the radio remotely, and set jobsite alerts and alarms all through bluetooth wireless technology. If you're not a big fan of bluetooth, don't fret, because the RIDGID compact radio also features an aux in connection.

Ridgid Compact Radio

Compact Design

The compact design really makes it easy to move around when working in the shop, and I am more likely to grab this when I'm on the go then some of the other bigger radios I have. It features a fold-down, rotatable antenna that is both flexible and durable and delivers clear reception. Even with its compact design, it is weather resistant to protect from jobsite conditions,

USB Charging

I am always using my phone in the shop while I am building so it's nice that this radio features a usb charging port that allows me to charge my phone, and since the radio is compact, its easy to move around if need be. 


Although this is a nice compact radio, it would be nice if the speaker quality was a little bit better. I don't know if this is affected because of the size of the radio, but I love to jam, especially in my shop, and some more volume and clearness would definitely elevate this tool. 

Ridgid Compact Radio Tool Review

The RIDGID compact radio retails for $69.97 at the Home Depot.

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October 12, 2018 — Ashley Basnight