"The Milwaukee Packout storage system has got the strength to stand the test of time."

When I started traveling to do projects, I realized how vital it was to have good durable storage and the Milwaukee Packout Tool Box Storage System has really impressed me. Today I will be sharing all the ins and outs of this Milwaukee tool box storage and sharing all of my favorite features.

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Milwaukee Packout Tool Storage System Tool Review


The Milwaukee Packout Tool Box storage comes packed with separate Milwaukee PACKOUT modular storage products that includes individual bins inside.


The first thing I noticed about the Milwaukee Packout was its durability. The Milwaukee packout was designed for harsh jobsite conditions and features an IP65 rated weather seal to keep out rain and jobsite debris. In my opinion, Milwaukee did a great job building this outer core. Its evident that this tool storage system can definitely with stand some opposition.

The storage system was also easy to interlock together; with an easy slide over the other, the modular systems locked into place easily and even though the modular systems were durable, seperatly they were fairly light. 


Milwaukee Packout Tool Box storage tool review

Interior Organizer Tray 

My favorite feature on the packout storage system has to hands-down be the interior organizer trays inside. This really comes in handy when I need to store away smaller items in the the storage system and makes me feel that much more organized. The trays are also removable, so whether I need to store bigger tools or store small items, I have the option to do both.

Stacking Design

I think the stacking design of the Milwaukee Packout storage system is unique and makes it easy to stack them together. This stood out to me because most storage systems stacking design is similar but this design intrigued me and made it easy to interlock together

Milwaukee Packout Tool Box storage


I mentioned this above, but the durability of this Milwaukee Packout storage system is one of my favorite features. With it being able to hold over 200 lbs and durable design, I am more likely to take this tool storage along with me on projects when I travel. It also makes me feel confident when I go to a job site outdoors that my tools inside will be safe.

This feature is also a good justification for the price tag. Ive tested out some other great tool storage systems, but this one by far has been the most durable and have one of the best weight capacities.


The only thing I can say about this Milwaukee packout storage that I disliked was the process to unlock the storage from each other. It seemed like I struggled a few times to slide it off of each other. It's not bad enough to discourage me from wanting it but I definitely think there's room for improvement.

Milwaukee Packout Tool Storage System

The Milwaukee Packout Storage system retails at The Home Depot for $279.00

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October 11, 2018 — Ashley Basnight